Plus One Live II poster for Kevin Smith

Here is my second poster for that film juggernaut, Kevin Smith. Him and his wife Jen Schwalbach are coming for you London. Plus One Live II on February 16, get those tickets!

This poster was 100% official right from the start and I worked with the big man himself on it. Kevin and the troupe really liked the style of my previous Jay and Silent Bob Get Old Canadian Tour poster and they immediately got me on this new one. Things moved real fast last week, talking with wonderful people on a really fun project. Just how I like it.

You know how I’m always preaching about personal projects, and chasing what you truly want to do? Well, I created the Canadian tour poster on my own time and posted it to see what would happen. Next thing I know it’s being used by Kevin, and he contacts me to create this new one. Working with a guy who I’ve been a fan of for well over a decade. And lets just say, this isn’t the end …

Hard evidence, man. Build your own reality. Take no prisoners.


  1. James White

    Yet another great piece, James.

  2. Cheryl Proude

    So awesome James. Very happy for you. Good for you on creating your own reality!

  3. Very cool poster! Love your style and work. Always excited to see what you come up with :)

  4. ThatAngryViking

    Awesome work.

  5. Great style of characters – you could see these working at a small size (or viewed from a distance…)
    One comment – is that a microphone on the end of her laser gun?

  6. Andrew Campbell

    Great work as always James! Love the art style and overall theme.

  7. james (Author)

    Thanks everyone, really appreciate the kind words.

    Andy, yep that’s a microphone. Since it’s a live, onstage event Kevin suggested adding the mic. Makes that laser cannon look even beefier.

  8. this is so dope!!!

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