FITC Toronto 2012: Creative

Things are moving pretty fast around the Signalnoise Studio these days. I’m proud to be able to show the creative I put together for my friends over at FITC for the Toronto 2012 event happening this coming April. I worked with Shawn Pucknell, the director of FITC on this one, where his biggest feedback was always “Make it epic!” Great guy. So out came the lasers.

The team just launched FITC Toronto 2012 over on their website, and I’m proud to be speaking for a 3rd year in a row. Go check out the amazing roster. Be there, Toronto!


  1. I really dig this one James! Lasers and shards, can’t go wrong with that!

  2. I love this Tron inspiration! Where can I get a print?!

  3. It’s great how the techniques you develop on your personal project just pour into your commercial. Great job.

  4. From all the cool shit you did in the past few weeks, this is definetly my favourite!!!!!!!!! Print that fucker and sent it to germany…like NOW :-)

    Cheers buddy

  5. PS: Is that cloud texture on the letters? Not sure…..

  6. FITC be ballin this year

  7. Maybe this sounds like a silly question but i was wondering.
    Can a poster print successfully that is so rich in detail,textures,effects etc?
    Would it head to an offset printing house or just simple digital printers?
    Do you use specific pantone colours and colour values to be sure about that?
    Everything looks fine for the web and motion graphics but lately i had a lot of trouble after designing a brochure that used a black to grey gradient as a background

  8. Love the poster design James, my plans is to be there at the event and also have an opportunity to meet you in 2012.

  9. Alessandro

    Illuminati all over this… :)

  10. This. Is. Awesome.


  11. I like it a lot, but I think it’s too Tron-ish for its own sake.

    Also @Emmanuel
    James has his stuff digitally printed on RGB printers, or at least he used to have (no sure how Merchline does it). It’s a great way to have your prints look exactly the way you see them on the screen.

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