The New FITC Identity

I’m super excited to show my newest identity work, a logo re-design for my friends at the mighty FITC Events, who are going through some heavy changes and redefinement. Check out the full details right here.

I’ve been attending FITC events for the last 3 years, and have had the opportunity to speak twice in Toronto. I’ve gotten to know much of the people behind the event as well as friends whom I only see at FITC. I look forward to my annual trek to Toronto each year and I hope to attend the other events around the globe at some point.

While attending FITC Toronto 2010 in May of this year, I was approached by my pal Shawn Pucknell (the Grand Poobah of FITC) to develop the creative for the following year’s event, FITC Toronto 2012. I’ve spoken at FITC twice so far and being a huge fan of the event and the entire crew behind it, I jumped at the opportunity to work with my friends. Shawn gave me creative freedom to develop the bits and pieces they will be using to promote and showcase at the event next year. I started looking at everything including the FITC identity which, at the time, had no idea if it would be used or not.

Here are a couple of snips as I worked on the identity, but you can check out the full FITC Logo Process over on Web Design Wall. All kinds of behind-the-scenes images and babbling. Be sure to check it out.

I’m super proud to have been able to work with my pals at FITC, and I’ll see you all at FITC Toronto 2012 next April!


  1. Matthew Marshall

    “Fix these, you hack!”

    Funny stuff. And great logo!

  2. Great logo! Really like the clean style.

  3. Linda Nisbett

    That is very slick. I like how you connected the T and C. The black on red is my favorite color pair. Great work :)

  4. Hey James

    Love the new identity for FITC and looking forward to the 2012 event in Toronto.


  5. Nice mark. Love the geometric basis for the shapes & construction – helps provide a beautiful balance.

  6. CameronDuthie

    Looks great, man! It’s going to look so dope plastered everywhere at the events!

  7. Can’t fault this, James. Nice work, man.

  8. David Bunnell

    Pure graphic design pulled straight from the old school with a modern sensibility. Love it. Why can’t these young whippersnappers pick up on this stuff?

  9. Joseph Cotten

    What a great client to have! Sounds like it was a dream gig working with the fitc folks. Congrats on landing that!

    Dude, I love this identity. It really nails the goals, with a clean and forward-looking feel, with a prominent creative and even whimsical edge.

    For some reason, it makes me think of Bladerunner. God only knows why, but anything that does that HAS to be great.

  10. Really nice work James, I love the symmetry of it

  11. George Fellow

    That f has more implications than I think you thought about apart from looking like a crocked S – which I think you should look into before you sign it off.

    Also it looks too similar to so many other sites out there like and has little originality.

  12. Just checked the previous version of logo and flick and I can say that you have done great job. While keeping similar colors and idea of logo you have achieved significantly better version of it. I can give you 10/10 :)

  13. I really like that the letters don’t have any repetition, however it all works nicely together and creates a visual symmetry. Very nice job.

  14. Frankly Guy
    (more research needed)

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