Movie Poster Monday 4: THE WARRIORS

Film on Paper presents … the movie poster for THE WARRIORS.

Director: Walter Hill
Genre(s) of Film: Action | Crime | Adventure
Origin of Poster: USA
Year of Poster: 1979
Designer: Unknown
Artist: David Jarvis

Signalnoise in association with Film on Paper brings you Movie Poster Monday. We will be showcasing a movie poster to start every week, so be sure to check out future posts for some great art from cinema’s past.


  1. Matt Reid

    Hey Jim, Have you seen Tyler Stout’s illustration work? I discovered him through a Warriors poster he did. Just did a search and found a double poster of his I hadn’t seen until today:

  2. The best part of this poster is finding out the names of all the gangs represented on it. It’s a “where’s waldo?” for the VHS generation.

  3. “I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle”—Ajax.

  4. Ca-a-a-an yo-o-o-u d-i-i-i-i-g it??? Best movie ever

  5. I was only introduced to this film once the game had been made but soon picked up a copy of it on DVD and loved it. It’s been an idea for a while to dress up as one of the Baseball Furies for Halloween.

  6. I have a laminated version of this and it is SO SWEET.

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