DRIVE movie poster

Upon the recommendation of several friends, namely Jason “Hobo With a Shotgun” Eisener, I finally sat down last week to watch DRIVE. The movie was said to be highly stylized and quite a surprise in it’s execution and originality. It didn’t disappoint, loved every second. Every once in a while a movie appears where midway through I think “Man, I’d love to design a poster for this thing.” Obviously, that happened with this film, so I got to it.

Here is my unofficial poster for DRIVE, standing at an official 24″ x 36″. I wanted to challenge myself to do something almost 100% digital paints, limited colour palette with very few effects. I used a similar process with my Hobo With  Shotgun poster, but streamlined everything this time around. Simplified the content. The film had a strong but modernized 80’s vibe, and I really wanted to keep that flavour intact. Listened to a pile of Kavinsky during production hoping to infuse some Night Call into the design.

Here’s a detail shot:

A couple of studies I created while planning things out:

This poster has been sent to the print shop and I’m awaiting a proof as we speak. I’m doing a super limited run to start things out, hand-signed and numbered. A handful are already spoken for by VIPs, but this Wednesday I’ll be announcing a giveaway to get a few of these posters into people’s hands, so watch out for that one. Details coming real soon.

If you haven’t seen DRIVE yet, get on it!


  1. Anthony

    What a great poster.. Very nice work.

  2. Looking great James. Looking forward to see this printed. HOT PINK!

  3. Love it! Great job mate!

  4. Really came out great James. Keep up the great work and let’s hope this poster pulls in some decent traffic. I’m sure it will and we will be promoting from our side!


  5. Love it James! Your talents always amaze me!

  6. i’m sure that ollie will receive his copy soon. :P for this reason, i want a copy too :P :P :P

  7. CameronDuthie

    Totally worth the wait dude! What an amazing piece of art, it really matches the grit and grime of the movie! I love it! Well done mate!

  8. Loved the movie. Love the poster.

  9. Looks amazing James! Your tweets definitely had me excited to see what you have been working on. Now I can see why you seemed so pumped!

  10. James… I would love to buy one! I need some color on the walls in my house (they’re empty!).

  11. Excellent work. I loved the movie and this would have been a great poster for the movie. Here’s hoping to win a contest!

  12. Great movie ! Great poster !

  13. Great work James, the style is very unique and well executed : ) Anxious to see how it will develop.

  14. Wow, this poster design is awesome man! Superb job. Still have to see the movie, so I can’t really judge how much this poster connects with it but I’m sure it will do so perfectly.

  15. james (Author)

    Thanks for all the kind compliments, gang. It’s always tricky when designing something for a new movie that’s been out for a little bit, being fresh in peoples’ heads. Especially something stylized like DRIVE. Pumped that you guys feel the vibe is here, that was priority #1 when creating it.

  16. Awesome work James. Looks fantastic. Now… I need one :D

  17. 13

    I knew it! Great job.

  18. This is superb James! It makes me want to see the movie now!

  19. Kev Gilmour

    Awesome stuff James, your style really is becoming quite refined. I think you’ve really found your voice in the last year. Damn shame this isn’t the official poster, it really should be.

  20. John

    Awesome, Awesome James!!

  21. Esteban Báez

    Great Work!!! congrats. I hope to see you in Argentina soon.

  22. James, i love the limited color scheme. The first thing i had on my mind before checking my email this morning was the announcement for the poster release lol…… Great job buddie! I looking forward meeting you in 2012.


    Really dig the color scheme, fits right in and the motion lines are great…off the eye….brilliant!

    You da man! Keep up the great work dude!!!

  24. james (Author)

    Again, super appreciate the positive feedback everyone. Waiting on the proof right now, can’t wait to see that hot pink for real.

  25. Amazing work, love the illustration, and the type on this is out of this world, pretty good James!

  26. John J Yepes

    Pretty effing cool… notch!!!

  27. Chris


    Have been following your work and lingering on here for awhile. This print has really got me excited–what a great job man! I’m a cape bretoner, who moved to Ottawa. I run a cult decor company, who is currently working with Troma Entertainment Inc and some other production companies (cant name names yet) to produce some limited edition silk screened prints. We should have a chat and discuss some work.. I’m sure you’re busy, but would love to try to work something out! A fellow nova scotianer working on a project with us would be awesome.

  28. Hey man,

    really, a very cool Poster! I like the grain all over the Poster! And it´s cool to see you go more and more into character illustration. The limited colors are cool as well. The only thing I would criticize is the Drive Type. Remember when I asked you if the new Signalnoise Sticker was inspired by THEY LIVE? It looks a lot like it again (even in the same color;-)). That does not mean that I don´t like that style. I love it. Keep it up!

    All the best

  29. You da man! Keep up the great work dude!!!

  30. Is it possible to see a step by step of how you did this? What tools did you use? Great color scheme. Nice work.

  31. Stunning work! Congratulations James!

  32. erik gustafson

    very nice work.

  33. I found this on tumblr where the image is getting reblogged like crazy. I hope you don’t mind if I use the close-up shot as an icon for a Drive-inspired mix on 8tracks. I’d love to purchase a copy of this image, it absolutely captures the feel of the film. Waiting excitedly for Wednesday.

  34. Fantastic poster James.. Really striking and very vivid, I can only imagine what it would look like in physical form. Just a question for ya.. If your selling Movie Posters, do you have to get some sort of license to do it? Or can you just sell it willy nilly? Just wondering for some of my posters Ive done which I would like to try to sell but wasnt sure about licensing and/or studio agreements? Wondering if you knew.. Thanks mate, and fantastic design :D

  35. This poster is great one of the best I’ve since since a long time!! I will be sad if I can’t catch one, so please James keep me updated about the sell.

  36. RelaxingDragon

    That’s a damn cool poster for a damn cool movie, really hope I’m able to land one. I do wish it was the more modern size of 27×40 (considerably easier to frame), but I’ll manage with this one just fine I reckon 8)

  37. Simon

    Great film, great poster. I want one please :-)

  38. Love the poster. The colours really hit home and the style really feels like the poster is going to speed out of my browser

  39. Great poster James, as always you pull something out that’s incredibly stylised and eye-catching.

  40. breq

    Really nice feel to the poster, getting me pumped for watching the movie this Friday. It’s also cool to see that the poster is getting noticed around the web, congratulations. :)

  41. MPN

    Can I just say – this is the poster I wish they’d used for the film!

    Fantastic, brilliant work.

    Send it to Criterion, man!

  42. james (Author)

    Thanks for the kind comments, everyone. Truly appreciated, you have no idea.

    As for those asking about the sale of the poster, I don’t currently have permission from the necessary people to sell something that includes likenesses and trademarks owned by other people or companies. As I said, this is unofficial. With any luck, I can get it through the proper channels soon.

    That said, there will be a giveaway announcement tomorrow (Wednesday) and I will be giving out a very limited run to the winners. Each will be hand-signed and numbered. Details coming tomorrow.

  43. Name the price, I will pay it. I must have this poster. Amazing work honoring an amazing film.

  44. Wow. I really can’t stop looking at this poster. You absolutely nailed it on the head. The colours, the intense scene, everything flows. The font you picked for Drive is lot better than the ‘Mistrial’ font that they used originally for the poster.

    This would hang beautifully in a frame in my office.

    Kudos for the great work and keep it up!


  45. Danny

    Where and how can I get one? Nice job on this man!

  46. Mierzwiak

    I’m not convinced by that poster, but still it’s the best fan made art for that movie.

  47. knucklehead

    drives me to jawdrop.

  48. renato

    man! i need one. what a beautiful job. great work. congrats!

  49. Saw it yersteday. I’m sure that in a few years it’s gonna be a cult classic. Refn is very talented director, with fresh ideas and non-cliche visions. I would recommend everyone to watch his Pusher Trilogy.
    And the poster is mindblowing, it really suits the movie.

  50. _K_O

    awesome poster. i have the perfect frame and spot on my wall picked out for it!

  51. shipra

    wow yar, Gud job

  52. David G

    I need this poster in my life! Thanks for holding the comp.

  53. Nick

    Must… have… one….

  54. Damun


    What a brilliant poster. I fell in love with the movie and now Im falling in love with this poster!
    How to get this poster?????


  55. Ethen Carlin

    I Love this poster, were can I get one?

  56. Robinson

    You sir are a “Real Human Being” and a “Real Hero.”! Amazing work! Did I miss my chance to purchase one of these beauties?

  57. Julie-Annw

    Is there anywhere that I can buy this?

  58. katie concorde

    hey gorgeous
    i am prepared to pay good money for a print of one of these please. You’re a fool not to share your talents!
    please get in touch
    all the best for 2012

  59. Waaaah. I so want one!

  60. Matthew Lawless

    this is an awesome poster, hopefully I can get my hands on one on the 19th. I really like that brush font, tried looking for it myself but couldn’t find a match, what’s the name of it?

  61. Are there still any posters available somewhere?:/

  62. Very interested in purchasing one of your drive posters,
    Please let me know I’f there are any more available. Much appreciated!

  63. bonnie

    just saw it 3 days ago and I’m hooked. Beautiful job capturing the mood of the film.

  64. Kasey

    can I still get a copy of this? Drive is my favorite movie and it’s visually STUNNING what you’ve done.

  65. Ra

    Is it still possible to buy this? Amazing job.

  66. Will

    I wish you would make these available man. The best Drive poster I have seen by far. If you make these available again some day let us know man. You would make so much money from them. Sucks that it was a limited print. :(

  67. tom

    are you selling these? this is the best poster for the film I’ve seen by far. Although I’d love a poster taking a shot from the back of a car looking over the shoulder, same shot you see in the title sequence.

  68. trkdngcs

    I wonder what font do you used in “DRIVE”. Thanks. ^_^

  69. Shima

    i love the movie,, i love ryan gosling & i love the poster.
    amazing… :X

  70. Søren Staberg Madsen

    Hey James.

    I’ve been looking all around the internet for a nice Drive poster, but this one is definitely the coolest. Is it possible to buy one?

  71. Fifafofum

    What font did you use??

  72. James (Author)

    For everyone asking, the DRIVE title isn’t a font. I built the letters in Illustrator by hand.

  73. Frank

    This poster is actually amazing, I would definitely buy one from you

  74. Is there any way this can still be purchased. Definitely the most beautiful drive poster I’ve seen. Would love to add to my movie room!

  75. San

    Would really really love to purchase this! Are you selling any by any chance??

    Thank you, awaiting your reply.

  76. San

    Is this still available by any chance? I would really really love to purchase one. As do many other people above, you should really make more copies!

    Awaiting your reply.

  77. William

    Can you PLEASE make another run of the Drive poster?? I want one soooo bad. Thanks.

  78. BRYN

    Hey. Please re-print this poster. I would love to buy one.

  79. jonathan estrada

    I would really like to buy your Drive poster. Are you still selling it?

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