Monday poster launch!

I’m stupid excited to launch my newest movie poster on Monday morning, 9am EST. Sharp! I’ve been talking about this thing on Twitter and Facebook during production and things were finished up yesterday. It’s a beast, standing at 27″ x 41″. There have been some good guesses fired my way, but I’ve been keeping the actual film I designed for locked down. Only a few people have seen it at this point.

There is also a big online giveaway being set up with my favorite design blog, which will launch mid next week. More details on that action coming real soon as I arrange things with the top brass down in San Fran.

So be here Monday morning. Until then, I’ll be sweatin’ bullets over here.


  1. PJ

    San Fran? Fabio’s giving away posters! :D

    Also, is this poster the one you worked on in the live stream this week? :)

  2. james (Author)

    Well done on the blog guess, Detective Tierney. But no, this isn’t the poster I was working on earlier this week.

  3. Detective Tierney….sounds familiar HEHE
    Man, typo-wise I already love this MONDAY preview. Lookin veeeery nice buddy. How´s things goin anyway?

    Excited what kind of Madness you will throw at the internet!


  4. james (Author)

    Thanks Dan. Those are the colours I’ve been working with this last week, but of a departure from my other stuff, which has been super fun. Stoked to release this thing.

  5. Sounds good dude! Is this a client project or SN special sauce?

  6. Cameron

    Awesome Type fir MONDAY…BTW, what typeface is that?

    Can’t wait for the big reveal.

  7. James was cool enough to give me a sneak peek of this thing and all I can say that it’s off the charts!

  8. james (Author)

    Tom, this is a Signalnoise joint. Self-initiated, man.

    Cameron, thanks! That typeface would be the mighty Univers LT 39 ThinUltraCn. The “movie poster credit” typeface.

    Paul actually broke into my house last night to snoop around my Photoshop. World’s weirdest burglar.

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