1983 Apple Gift Catalog

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  1. Thanks Stephen! I really want one of those tees. Hilariously enough, the father in that t-shirt photo looks like a thinner/younger version of Microsoft’s Steve Balmer.

  2. The classic Apple logo actually look really nice, and its amazing if you think that the time these things came out its just a mind blowing idea with such simplicity, probably at the time these came out people are still chasing after “luxury”.

  3. Is this actually real? I can’t think Apple had the money in ’83 to produce this stuff – do you think people really bought it? I’d love to meet someone with the wall hanging.

  4. Andy Warhol did a riff on the Apple logo around that time, which I could kick myself for not snaggin an original of. Needless to say, it’s appreciated…

  5. Woz wears that very belt buckle in that iconic shot of him and Jobs in a tech factory (?at Apple?) from this period (Jobs has a popped collar, to complete the contrast between the two)

  6. I have most of this stuff at home and in storage. 100’s of T-shirts, though most were employee-only project shirts, not available in the store. The 1980’s store was awesome, though. Much more merchandise than shown here.

    And yes, @Steve, Apple had PLENTY of money for this kind of stuff in 1983. Are you kidding? We were riding high and this stuff was selling like crazy!

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