Movie Poster Monday 1: WOLFEN

Film on Paper presents … the movie poster for WOLFEN.

Director: Michael Wadleigh
Genre(s) of Film: Horror
Origin of Poster: USA
Year of Poster: 1981
Designer: B.D. Fox Independant
Artist: Unknown

I’d like to introduce you to a new section of the blog that I’ll be kicking off today, simply called Movie Poster Monday (or MPM). I look at a lot of movie posters online so I decided to start sharing the ones I really enjoy as inspiration, or just general movie history. I recently connected with Eddie Shannon, the force behind the awesome Film on Paper. His site has quickly become one of my favorites for poster research, and was generous enough to grant me permission to use his archive as the backbone of this new section.

I hope you enjoy this new addition to the blog, and you can expect a new poster every Monday. Much more to come, and a big thanks to Eddie Shannon for making this possible.

Happy Halloween!

I love it when a costume comes together.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Have a safe one.

DRIVE posters at the Signalnoise HQ

A small update out of sheer excitement. Not 30 minutes ago the delivery guy knocked at my door and dropped of the limited edition run of my DRIVE posters. Hands were shaking as I unwrapped these things and piled them on my drawing table to get them signed and snap a few shots. There’s #1 of 20 right there.

Like I said, this is an unofficial run which ends right here at these 20 sitting on my desk. A few VIPs are getting them, along with the 3 winners of the DRIVE Poster Giveaway over on Abduzeedo. If you haven’t entered, get over there and drop a comment.

And finally with a little luck, there might be some more interesting news to come. Stay tuned …

DRIVE poster giveaway on Abduzeedo

Here is your chance to own one of the very few first run Signalnoise DRIVE posters. The response to this unofficial poster has been overwhelming and I’d really like to get it into peoples’ hands, so I’m teaming up with my good friends at Abduzeedo to host a giveaway. 3 lucky winners will score a first run poster, hand-signed and numbered and this beast stands at 24″ x 36″.

Because this poster is unofficial, unapproved by any production companies, and a bit of a renegade, the first print run is incredibly small. I’m talkin’, like 20. I’d like to offer it for sale someday, but that all depends on approval. Hopefully that can happen, but until then this run of 20 will be all there is. Scarce, I know.

To enter is easy, swing over to the giveaway post on Abduzeedo and leave a comment in the comment box. Done. 1 comment per person please, blanket coverage will result in my showing up at your desk with a hammer. Contest closes Sunday evening, October 30. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, October 31 at 12pmEST. Halloween!

So get over to that giveaway and get entered. Best of luck to you all!

UPDATE: Entry period has been closed. Thanks to all who participated!

DRIVE movie poster

Upon the recommendation of several friends, namely Jason “Hobo With a Shotgun” Eisener, I finally sat down last week to watch DRIVE. The movie was said to be highly stylized and quite a surprise in it’s execution and originality. It didn’t disappoint, loved every second. Every once in a while a movie appears where midway through I think “Man, I’d love to design a poster for this thing.” Obviously, that happened with this film, so I got to it.

Here is my unofficial poster for DRIVE, standing at an official 24″ x 36″. I wanted to challenge myself to do something almost 100% digital paints, limited colour palette with very few effects. I used a similar process with my Hobo With  Shotgun poster, but streamlined everything this time around. Simplified the content. The film had a strong but modernized 80’s vibe, and I really wanted to keep that flavour intact. Listened to a pile of Kavinsky during production hoping to infuse some Night Call into the design.

Here’s a detail shot:

A couple of studies I created while planning things out:

This poster has been sent to the print shop and I’m awaiting a proof as we speak. I’m doing a super limited run to start things out, hand-signed and numbered. A handful are already spoken for by VIPs, but this Wednesday I’ll be announcing a giveaway to get a few of these posters into people’s hands, so watch out for that one. Details coming real soon.

If you haven’t seen DRIVE yet, get on it!

Monday poster launch!

I’m stupid excited to launch my newest movie poster on Monday morning, 9am EST. Sharp! I’ve been talking about this thing on Twitter and Facebook during production and things were finished up yesterday. It’s a beast, standing at 27″ x 41″. There have been some good guesses fired my way, but I’ve been keeping the actual film I designed for locked down. Only a few people have seen it at this point.

There is also a big online giveaway being set up with my favorite design blog, which will launch mid next week. More details on that action coming real soon as I arrange things with the top brass down in San Fran.

So be here Monday morning. Until then, I’ll be sweatin’ bullets over here.

The Sword: Warp Riders video trilogy

This post is a bit overdue, but has to be done. You’ve probably heard me talk about my favorite metal band on the blog and Twitter, those heavy rockers from Texas, The Sword. Been a fan of these guys since hearing Age of Winters for the first time back in 2006. Fan for life. Instantly.

The years following I’ve watched the guys explore their own brand of metal, with the raw power of Gods of the Earth (2008), and my favorite to date: Warp Riders (2010). They’re always in my music rotation. Not a dull moment on any of those albums. Just this year I’ve been lucky enough to work with the guys on an official t-shirt for their tour with Kyuss Lives and my poster was used to promote their tours in Australia and Europe earlier this year. Pumped.

This post is to show off their 3 most recent videos, the Warp Riders trilogy. Not only do I love The Sword’s diverse musical ability, but they’re wonderful storytellers diving into myth, legend and in the case of these videos, the cosmic. The videos above for Tres Brujas, Lawless Lands and Night City are in the order you should watch them. They released them in chapters, wonderful bit of forethought right there.

So throw on those headphones, turn up the volume and rock these things.

Typewriter ribbon tins

Some beautiful typewriter ribbon tins plucked from this Flickr set. Wonderful vintage design at work here with some killer type. Too bad these days are gone, and we’ll never see design like this in Staples or any other office supply place. Damn shame.

Thanks to Hydro74 for posting the link on his Twitter. Great find.