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  1. holy crap! Flood o’ memories! I know for sure I had the white “Maxx Force” robot. What I really remember is those sort of expandable bendy arms. Wow. I haven’t thought of these guys in years. how crappy they look now compared to my childhood memories.

  2. I had one and remember it distinctly. The funny thing was though, I remember thinking, other than the suction cup bottom, what’s the point? It was right at the cusp of when you still had to have a good imagination to play with your toys.

  3. Ross, I had a couple of those TOMY bots as well. They rocked! My brother had the owl one. I had Dingbot, I believe his name was…my favorite part were the blueprints he came with.

  4. Pretty sure I had Hun-Dred. I remember the dome hat, bendy arms, and claw hands. What a blast from the past! These look exactly as I remember them.

  5. Wow, good times! Had a few of these, as did my brother, and we both launched a full-out Robo assault… until Transformers won us over as well. The suction-cup bottoms made them great bath toys. Actually just got down all my He-Man toys for my oldest and found some Robo-Force in there. Wife wants em tossed though : (

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