New Signalnoise contributor: Paul Panfalone

Sometimes when I’m in the throes of a big project (like right now, for example) I find it pretty difficult to keep things fresh on the blog. I like to post my work, other people’s work, and inspiration bits that I find on the web. I love doing it, but only so many hours in the day, y’know?

So, for the first time since I launched the blog back in late 2007 I will be enlisting the help of a contributor, Buffalo correspondent Paul Panfalone. I started seeing “Paul Pants” in the chatroom during my Signalnoise Broadcasts about a year ago, and eventually met him during my last trip to FITC Toronto. The dude drove up from Buffalo, New York to hang at the Signalnoise meet-up and talk cartoons and hockey with us. Dedication, right there.

Not only is Paul a designer, he also grew up during the same era that I did, the ’80s. He has a keen sense of remembering awesome cartoons, toys and all the great stuff from that time period. He has been posting some great stuff over on his blog, Swivelarms, and he’ll be bringing some of that over to Signalnoise for your viewing pleasure.

So, help me welcome Paul, follow him on Twitter, and you can look forward to him bringing some great entries to the blog. And bonus points if you can spot the design reference in that graphic above.


  1. Michał

    Super Powers Collection?

  2. james (Author)

    You got it. Well done.

  3. Hey! This is super cool! Well done Paul! You’ve picked a very good asset James! Hope you guys all the best! :)

  4. Woohoo! It’s Paul Pants!

  5. Hey, I know who that guy is!

  6. Thanks guys! Super excited to get things going!

  7. kim

    I know of Paul’s work – he is very talented and will be a great addition!!!

  8. Patti Naylor

    Awesome! You have picked a winner, James! Great Merger!Congratulations Paul!
    A new Band of Brothers Era has begun.

  9. Nice and cool beans. Side note: I’m digging the halftone(?)ish texture overlay!

  10. Great work Paul! Congrats

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