Signalnoise sticker concepts

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  1. Like I’ve said before on G+, I absolutely love these. All these stickers would probably make a killing on the Signalnoise store.

    Is that the Biosphere on the Expo67 one?

    You should design a sticker with Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 on it! :D

  2. This would make a killer sticker pack James! Great work! I have to say that the pine tree one is awesome, one of my favorites.

  3. Love the Dartmouth. I’d be interested to see it without the leaf/logo. The rainbow is nice colour but has potentially misinterpretable queer undertones (not negative). Perhaps a skyline as an alternative background/texture? *Very* admirable to see work done in an effort to support HRM’s (lack of) public transportation. A noble cause. As my first apartment was on the “darkside,” I can both sympathize and empathize. Well done Lil’ Jimmy (OOOOH! I went there!) ((we both know it was only a matter of time)) (((i don’t want ppl to see us gettin’ all drunked up ~ i know you remember))). #ahhthegoodoltymes

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