The Dark Knight Rises poster

This poster for The Dark Knight Rises made the rounds online yesterday, really caught my attention. I was pretty impressed with the run of posters The Dark Knight spawned a couple of years ago and it looks like they’re keeping a similar vibe going for the new movie.

Really dig this one. The buildings forming the Bat symbol in the negative space looks real smooth and smart, nothing clumsy going on here. It’s not too often I talk about new movie posters here on the blog, but I felt this one deserved a bit of time. Not much more to say then that. Well done, Wayne Industries!



    Seriously had to look twice to see the symbol.



  2. Absolutely everything about this poster gets me excited. Also, the trailer will be playing before Harry Potter this weekend!

  3. Is this the real deal? Because I saw this poster in a few fan made poster websites and I was wondering about it.

  4. Paul Pants

    It’s nice to see no floating heads because it’s just a teaser. It seems these days all of the real creative work behind movie posters goes into the teaser. The final poster is much more rigid and formulaic, almost an afterthought.

  5. Great poster! The negative bat is amazing. Cant wait for it!

  6. Cameron

    @Paul Pants – Well said mate! I couldn’t agree more!

    This poster is sensational! It’s definitely a leap in the right direction, other movie posters could learn a valuable lesson here!

    I can’t wait until this hits the big screen!

    P.S – James, have you gotten rid of the mobile version of your site?

  7. james (Author)

    Cameron, yeah I got rid of the mobile version a little while back. I had some Malware issues which were really annoying and had to eliminate any “back doors” to my code. Unfortunately, I read reports that my mobile version might have been a target.

    Luckily, my site still looks okay on an iPhone and such. Hard decision to ditch it.

  8. Stunning, loving it!

  9. WOW!

    This poster is absolutely amazing! As mentioned earlier, I also had to look twice to see the dark knight symbol!

    Truly amazing!

  10. This poster is amazing…it looks like it is straight out of the trailer that just premiered .

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