Oh Canada!

Today all us proud folk of the north are celebrating this great country we live in. Canada Day is a big deal up here, and gives us all an excuse to hang out on the back deck with pals, have a few beers, do up some barbeque and shoot off some fireworks.

The Signalnoise HQ will be shutting it’s doors today for all those reasons. Holiday time. Red and white. That’s what I’m talkin’ aboot.

So to everyone visiting the blog from Newfoundland to British Columbia, Happy Canada Day! And not to leave anyone out, best wishes from our country to yours.


  1. Yew! Australia has about 4 or 5 days in the year that we make stuff up to get a day off!!! Have a nice one James!

  2. Matt


  3. “…talkin’ aboot.” Haha Nice.

  4. James

    I wonder where that “aboot” comes from?? The only time I say it is when I need something for a foot… Happy Canada Day Eh!

  5. Take off, eh!

  6. in Russia we have near 15 days in a year when we not work and get day off

  7. vector

    Hey James. don’t suppose you have a retina display resolution version of that for use as a wallpaper on my iPod touch 4G? I’m American, but have always found the mighty maple leaf more aesthetically pleasing than our flag lol

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