HP + Daft Punk interface tests

Here are some test images I did for a job a while back. The mighty Psyop hired me to create some interface mock-ups for the new (at the time) HP touch computer for use in a television ad featuring Daft Punk onstage. The idea was to create some abstract shapes and color which would be put to motion as Daft Punk manipulated the shapes to trigger music during a performance.

Even though the idea was super cool, it was unfortunately one of those projects that didn’t see the light of day. I was involved early in the pitch stage and the project was either abandoned, or a different concept was picked which is quite common in the turbulent land of advertising. Either way, it was fun to work on and I wanted to post these mock-ups to show the early stages of conceptual when dealing with a television ad.

As I said these were test images for the interface, just raw ideas I threw to Psyop in the early stages. They were great to work with.


  1. Matthew

    gorgeous, of course.

  2. Chase Nick

    if it wasnt ever a done deal could you do a tutorial on it i would love to learn how to make these or something like it


  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Goes James! Psyop rules the universe.

  4. ahh it’s so shiny and colorful

  5. Gezzamondo

    What did they end up using instead

  6. The 3rd slide is simply AWESOME, the Daft Punk shows would be 10 times more fun with a setup like that :).
    Too bad the project didn’t get picked up.
    Keep em’ coming mate

  7. Neil Bradley

    Damn those are sweet, especially the 2nd and 3rd. Any chance f getting those as a wallpaper? :)

  8. John

    Simply awesome dude. I like the 3rd one…. be cool to watch live while they play. Plus it reminds of Evangelion.

  9. LucasG

    That second one looks like the inside of one of my brains.

    Nice work Jamses. :)

  10. I’m so glad I found this blog. I’m completely passionate to dark designs and effects of light… It’s amazing the effects you come up with!

  11. Holy shit thats nice!

  12. Gav

    Absolutely stunning dude, i love them!!

  13. Don’t suppose you could make wallpapers of them?


  14. Kim Dubuisson

    James! Any chance of sharing high res version of these?!
    Would love them as iPad wallpapers!

  15. Navarro Parker


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