Photos from Montreal Meets

• Fabio Sasso, Francois Hoang and myself

• The awesome crowd that came to see the presentations.

Here are some more photos from the big Montreal Meets event I spoke at with Fabio Sasso a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic time and I met a tonne of enthusiastic artists and designers, and I hope these photos are a testament to that. If you came to the event or tuned in online, thank-you so much for your support on making this event awesome. And a big shout-out to Francois Hoang for making it all possible.

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• Francois getting warmed up.

• Francois' excellent introduction video.

• Here I am getting my presentation started.

• Talking about my part in the Hobo With a Shotgun film.

• Discussing my Tron posters and self-initiated projects.

• Time for Fabio's presentation. Look at his big wicked logo.

• Fabio presenting.

• Fabio cracked us up many times. Here's one example.

Time for the QA session, got some great questions from the audience.

• Saying hello to the folks who tuned in online.

• Hanging out with the crowd after the event wrapped up.

• Great time chatting with artists and designers afterward.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing James, it looks like it was an amazing time. I have to ask though, have you been working out? That shot of you presenting your Tron posters makes you look like a body double for 80’s Arnold!

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