Signalnoise 2011: Happy New Year!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a wonderful 2010. The support you have shown me and the blog through comments, tweets, emails and tuning into the weekly Signalnoise Broadcasts has been tremendous and overwhelming. Thank-you so much, lets make 2011 an inspiring and creative year all around.

For this design I wanted to do something inspired by the many cool VHS covers I remember from my childhood. Something fun, cool and over the top. This hearkens back to the likes of Mad Max, where anti-heroes rule the desolate highways. In this case, a leather-clad motorcycle warrior with chains and hooks as his weapons of choice. All of the credits are phony, I assure you Jason Eisener and his film company aren’t making this one. :)

Happy New Year from Signalnoise!


  1. Happy new year man. Have wonderful one, and become even bigger!

  2. Great design! Have a wonderful 2011 and keep inspiring us with your talent and graphics!

    best regards!

  3. Very Daft Punk :) Love it….Have a good New Year.

  4. Bwah Bwah Bwah!! Sweet work as always.
    Happy new year! Catch ya in a few weeks homie.

  5. Chris

    Happy New year dude.
    Is this the new Stig?

  6. Cameron

    Happy New Year James! Thanks for the never ending inspiration! The design world wouldn’t be the same without you!

  7. What’s the font for the title? Nice work! Love it!

  8. Yeah it rocks! Helmet should be turned at 50-60 deg instead of full 90 deg. Happy decade everyone!

  9. Happy new year man! Looking forward to your talk at OFFF this year in Barcelona and all the other awesome stuff Signalnoise will likely bring 2011. Cheers

  10. Happy New Year 2011 James! All the best ;)

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