Master Control Program: 1


  1. Whoa. Love how you’ve taken it to another level here, great work as usual.

  2. Nicolás

    Wow! Excellent! I assume that the whole series will be available on the store soon…

  3. Nathaniel

    Wow! how do you do all these amazing graphics it impeccable work will there be tut on how to do it?

  4. KdotStryfe

    Never fails, James always does great work. How do you do James!?

  5. Chris

    Nice, its like a Recogniser ready to stamp on some pesky programs.

  6. This is the best Tron Advent Calendar ever!

  7. Jerome

    my god i want that

  8. Wow !, lo mejor que he visto en harto tiempo. Grande james !

  9. Tod

    Sucks the movie wasn’t that great. :-/

  10. Cris B

    WOW! 1 is even more epic than I thought it would be! awesome work…

  11. Man this is just wonderful – I’ve been waiting to see what “1” would be like.

  12. Curious to know what the text is at the top of the 1? Regardless this has been a great series of designs leading up to the Tron movie. And as mentioned, I love the font treatment!

  13. Cameron

    That was well worth the wait, 1 looks absolutely amazing! This has been a great series to follow! Well done James, great idea!

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