Signalnoise ‘Green Lantern’ poster

Here it is, the Signalnoise version of a Green Lantern film poster. It’s been my intention for a few months now to make a poster touting the upcoming Lantern movie, I even had the idea suggested to me by a few friends and folks online. So I grabbed a few hours over the last three days and dove into the creation of this Green Lantern poster. 100% fan-based, not official at all.

I created this poster because back in 1983 when me and the other neighborhood kids decided to play Superfriends, my choice character was always the Green Lantern while they were fighting over who got to play Batman. I had some hand-me-down comics that featured the Lantern and I always thought he had the coolest power, manifesting whatever he could think of in any situation. Plus, that ring was by far the coolest accessory and I even went as far as to make my own little paper rings complete with the Green Lantern logo crudely drawn on. No joke, I was 6.

The Lantern in this design is obviously not the Ryan Reynolds version. They modernized his costume for the film with neat effects and all that which I’m sure will look cool onscreen, but my Lantern is the classic Hal Jordan version with the nicely designed black and green cloth and white gloves. Here is the Superpowers toy version circa 1984 as well as an Alex Ross Green Lantern.

I honestly believe the Green Lantern logo in terms of design is ranked at third across the entire DC Universe trumped only by Superman and Batman, and the ring is by far the most iconic element of this hero. Which is why I was baffled when this poster was released and the ring is nowhere to be found. Say what?

This was a convoluted process making this poster and involved some photography, a lot of vector work then a lot of Photoshop effects and texturing. I wanted it to look like an illustration but have the depth of a photograph. I’ll be writing a ‘making of’ poster hopefully for launch Monday to give you a behind-the-scene look at the process and inspirations behind this Green Lantern poster. Stay tuned for that one.


  1. Love this. So glad you made a Green Lantern Poster :D

  2. rdrgvlljs

    the costume from the movie isnt good… but siniestro in the trailer is awesome and… AWESOME POSTER!

  3. Viktor

    That looks really amazing

  4. miguel

    aside from the Tron promo stuff you did, this is my favorite thing you’ve ever done.

  5. Awesome dude! When’s the psd run through :)

  6. Dave

    Well done! You took something with its own distinct identity and made it your own. The use of the green lantern symbol in the 2011 was inspired.

  7. Elektric

    *bows down in awe*

  8. Cool! Do Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman same style!

  9. puddy77

    I love the poster. To me, it has a great Darwyn Cooke style. But before the fanboys get a hold of this and start jumping down your throat, I’d like to give a friendly reminder that it’s “In brightest day, in blackest night..”

  10. Kick-ass poster! The lighting is insane and the fact that you’ve used your own hand is awesome. I’m very curious to the ‘making of’ man.

  11. james (Author)

    Thanks so much, everyone!

    Puddy, I really appreciate the heads up on the error. I had to look up the saying last night as I couldn’t remember if it was ‘darkest’ or ‘blackest’. Found 2 sites that gave me the wrong information. :) Thanks man.

  12. Love it! I was excited when you mentioned it yesterday in the Signalnoise Broadcast. I came here first thing this morning to see if you finished it. Very cool! Great idea of using your fist, man! Not only does it mean you don’t have to decide on which face to use, but it also highlights the ring. Love it.

  13. Wow, very cool, I love it.

  14. Cameron D

    Man James, that i probably the best thing i have seen in aaaaages! It’s just awesome! Can’t wait to see the “making of” part!

  15. I love this, I think you just inspired me to do a poster design of my own. I’m thinking of The Flash maybe?

  16. G WHITE

    Another amazing poster as are all of your designs. Maybe I am a little bit biased. Great Job.


  17. james (Author)

    Haha, thanks dad!

  18. Looks amazing James! great job! you should include one of this for the winner of your next contest! :)

  19. Just found you on ustream, you definitely have a new fan.

  20. Looks great, James! I love the colours. The bursting rays effect reminds me of the ‘Thing’ poster. :)

  21. Great result James the subtle addition of your own branding via the rainbow lighting and the powerful stance of the Green Lantern make great bed friends :)

  22. I love how u managed to achieve the silk like glove

  23. As noted earlier, I said that you inspired me to make a Flash poster design, I just finished it yesterday and I thought that I would post it here. I used some techniques that you showed us in your Live Broadcast when you broke down your Tron poster.

    You can view the Flash poster on my DeviantArt:

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