Halifax’s ‘Best Visual Artist’ 2010!

I’m happy to announce that I have been voted ‘Best Visual Artist’ for the second year in a row in The Coast ‘Best of Halifax’ Readers Poll here in my hometown. I wanted to express a sincere thank-you to everyone who took the time to throw a vote my way, whether you are here in Halifax or from afar. You guys are awesome, thanks so much.

I have little exposure here in my hometown of Halifax, so winning this local award really means a lot. It looks like I also landed the runner-up position for ‘Best Twitterer’ as well.

I will be heading to the ‘Best of Halifax’ party this evening at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Hope to see you there!

The art of Nook

There’s a lot of different ways of discovering and being referred to new artists in this weird industry, and this is a good example. I had a Skype meeting with a client yesterday and he sent me a link to another artist he was working with, a fellow by the name of Nook from Brooklyn, New York. Beautiful work full of nice desaturated backgrounds, pink glows and beautiful overall lighting treatments. He is no stranger to cool projects, and has worked with the likes of Wired, IdN, Nike, BET, Pepsi and others.

His work is confusing at first glance where you wonder what you’re looking at. Is it illustration? 3D? All Photoshop? It’s actually a combination of 2D illustration with 3D modeled backgrounds, which I’m sure is no easy task to blend together. Check it out:

Awesome stuff. You can check out more on Nook’s website, and why not give him a follow on Twitter.

Signalnoise Broadcast 28: Europe

This Thursday, November 4th, I’m going to move the time slot for Signalnoise Broadcast 28 to an earlier start time. I know a lot of my North American viewers tune in while they are at work, listening to the broadcast as they continue with their day while European viewers tune in later at night. I’m going to switch things up this week.

This Broadcast is for all my pals across the ocean. I’ll be going live at 10am EST on Thursday morning, which will be 3pm in Paris if my calculations are correct. Tell your coworkers and bosses, bring those questions and lets talk some art and design. See you in 2 days for Signalnoise Broadcast 28: Europe.