Fox Retro “Pinball”

Check out this fantastic spot created by Plenty for Fox Television. Not many times do modern network promotional animations stop me in my tracks (I’m more for the oldschool 70s stuff), but this is certainly the exception. What’s not to love about this action? Nice neon lights, rainbow effects, grids, chrome, and I even spot Serif Gothic in the mix. Wonderful cinematography as well, I kinda wanted it to continue for another 5 minutes.

High fives to the guys at Plenty on creating this great piece, and thanks to @vectormeldrew for the heads up via Twitter.


  1. thants realy cool. thanx for sharing this

  2. Saw this on Behance Network a little while ago. Love its style.

  3. such an amazing piece.

  4. Shmeergla

    Wow! This is what I twitted and commented that It looks like it’s something that you would do… Tnx for reading my twitts James!

  5. love it! awesome style.

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