Technical difficulties

I’ve had several reports over the last while with people getting warnings when trying to visit my website using Safari or Chrome. The blog will throw a random malware warning up every so often for reasons I am still confused about. I assure you I am looking into this problem and hope to have it remedied as soon as possible.

Thank-you so much to everyone on Twitter and those who have emailed me outlining the problems. Since I haven’t seen these warnings myself it’s like chasing a ghost, so the information and screen shots you have been passing on have been extremely helpful. You are the best readership in the world and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Sorry gang, I hope to have things back to normal around here real soon. If you do see any further warnings, feel free to comment here to let me know what happened.

Blood & Fire shirt: Production video

Here is a real treat. My pal Fulton Hawk over at the Salvation Army camp sent me some rough footage of my Blood & Fire t-shirt being printed. I’m a real nerd when it comes to seeing things get made, and this is the first time I’ve seen a screen print process in action on my own stuff. Just look at those arms go.

What I received was some straight ahead footage but I took a few hours this morning to cut it together in an interesting way, added some Signalnoise and Salvation Army branding and grabbed one of the tracks from the Reckless Love album to add that 80s rock flavor that compliments the design. I learned quite a lot by doing this little piece, taking what content I had nearby to make something cool. Just remember, I’m no video guy and certainly not an editor. :)

The Blood & Fire t-shirt is available over at the Wardrobe Army Apparel store, 100% of the proceeds are donated to help the Salvation Army’s work in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver BC.

Signalnoise shirt preview: Scare Bear

Scare Bear t-shirt by James White

Here is the preview of one of the designs I want to include in the next batch of Signalnoise t-shirts, the Scare Bear. As I keep working on these shirt designs and jotting down ideas I keep gravitating toward taking things from my past (toys, movies, video games) and adding some distinct heavy metal elements, and I believe this idea came out of a late-night nerdy conversation with my pal Jerko. I like wearing funny things on my chest, and the combo of retro nerdiness and heavy metal makes me laugh. This design falls in line with my previous Black Metal Busters and Metalego t-shirts.

I’ve been asked by more than a fair share of ladies inquiring when there will be t-shirts catering to the female crowd. Well, I’m going to look into offering some lady-sizes with this design to see if it’s in the cards.

More to come as I move forward, and watch the blog for some more preview as I bang the designs out.

Strange Adventures t-shirt

• Cal and his daughter Addison sporting their Strange Adventures garb.

The past week has been pretty quiet on the blog because I was in the midst of moving, but I’m happy to say we are getting settled and the new place is starting to look nice and habitable. That being said, it’s time to get back at the blog and get some updates posted on what has been happening. Here we go.

This past Thursday was my good pal Cal Johnson’s birthday. Cal is the owner of the best comic store in the world, Strange Adventures (Twitter) here in Halifax. His wife Sandy approached me about doing a custom shirt design for Cal and the store, and how could I refuse? After waffling on the idea a bit, I decided to make a design based on the old Batman logo from the 70s, but alter it to feature the store and their mascot, Super Snipe. Here is the original and a shot of the mascot drawn by my pal Dave Howlett:

• Batman logo from the 1970s.

• Super Snipe by Dave Howlett.

A big happy birthday to Cal, and be sure to drop by Strange Adventures to say hello to the gang if you ever visit Halifax. It’s a must-see venue.