Signalnoise at FITC Toronto and OFFF Barcelona

It’s been a really exciting week around here, and I have a couple of events to announce today. I received word very recently that I will be speaking at FITC Toronto 2011 (May 2 – 4) as well as OFFF Barcelona 2011 (June 9 – 11). This will be my second year speaking at the mighty FITC, and I will help celebrate their 10th anniversary of the event. This will be my first time attending and speaking at OFFF, and only the second time I’ve been to Europe. Both audiences will see my new presentation entitled “Rime of the Ancient Designer” titled after the famous Iron Maiden track, you can see the description right here.

You can still catch the super early bird ticket prices for both events, head over to register for FITC Toronto 2011 and right here for OFFF Barcelona 2011. Hope to see you at these exciting and inspiring gatherings!

Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy

I’m excited to launch the third and final piece to complete the Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy. When the first bit of footage appeared online promoting the upcoming Tron Legacy film from Disney, I took it upon myself to design a fan-based poster utilizing the cool style and special effects. I love working with neon elements with loud colors, and the film is exactly that. Then when the official Tron Legacy trailer was released this past May, I revised my design to reflect the new color palette and designs.

After the revision, it was totally my intention to complete the series with a poster bringing back the original film style and design from 1982. The feedback on the first 2 posters has been overwhelming, and the majority of comments I received were from longtime and dedicated Tron fans. So the last poster includes a revised disc design (with a few enhancements) and color palette, as well as a few old school video game elements from back in the day, like straight up 3D vectors and pixels. I had to re-watch the original film a few times to get the tone right.

I will be shooting this new design over to the print shop really soon to get some posters made and will keep the blog updated on how I will be getting these into peoples’ hands. In the meantime you can grab some wallpapers of the first 2 Tron Legacy designs here and here. Enjoy!

Signalnoise Retro Poster competition

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition. I always enjoy having little contests and giveaways here on the blog and on Twitter, but up until now there has been very little participation outside of commenting or retweeting. That changes now, the floor will be given to you to design your own retro or vintage poster. Here are the simple guidelines on how you enter:

1. Download the poster template (PSD, 44k).
2. Design your retro or vintage inspired poster.
3. Upload your poster to the Signalnoise Flickr group with “Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition entry” written somewhere in the description.
4. Eat a sandwich, you deserve it after all your hard work.

So, what will you win? I wanted to offer a bunch of goodies to make this competition really worth while, so I will be awarding the winner a bunch of posters not available in the Signalnoise Store and some other fun stuff. Here is the rundown of the gear you see in the photo above:

Tron Legacy poster, 18 x 24
Wordburglar poster, 18 x 24
FITC Awards Party poster, 18 x 24
Broadcast art show poster, 18 x 24
2010 mini poster, 11 x 17 canvas print
Signalnoise Classic t-shirt in your size
• 4 gold foil Signalnoise logo stickers
• 4 Signalnoise logo stickers
• 3 Signalnoise wordmark stickers
• 4 Signalnoise buttons

The deadline for entries will be midnight on November 15, 2010 (competition now closed). Anyone can enter and you may create as many entries as you wish. Once we reach the deadline I will judge all entries to select 5 honorable mentions and the 1 grand prize winner who will receive all the loot you see above. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with, best of luck!

EDIT: Competition is now closed. I’ll be posting the entries in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Colouring Contest Winners: May 21, 1986

While rooting around my parents’ photo albums this past weekend I came across this newspaper clipping from May 21, 1986. I get frequently about how long I’ve been doing this art thing, and here is a small story that shows it’s been quite a while. That’s me, second in from the left at 9 years old winning first place in a town-wide colouring contest in Goose Bay, Labrador when my family lived there.

Now, the article says we submitted a page when we actually submitted an entirely coloured book of around 8 pages. Way more work then this clipping let on, to the point where I missed submitting the book in class because I put so much effort into it.

On the last night my parents let me stay up late to complete the colouring, then drove me to the police station the next day to submit the book directly to them. A week later they contacted my school to tell them they had a finalist. I was picked up at lunch time in a police car, siren blazing and drove to the town hall with the other 6 finalists from other schools where we met the mayor. Me and another kid (I believe the girl beside me) were awarded first place and scored $30, a small fortune for a kid of 9. I often wonder if any of those other kids are doing anything creative today.

And what did I buy with my riches? I didn’t even have to think about it…

Signalnoise Broadcast 24

If you missed out on tuning into Signalnoise Broadcast 24 last week, here is the recorded version for you to watch. Once again we had a great time and covered things like photography, Red Dead Redemption, making your designs tangible, when to show up for a job interview, the new Gap logo, personal work vs. client work and a bunch of other fun topics.

Just a little note about the upcoming broadcast. Signalnoise Broadcast 25 will be live this Thursday at 3pm EST, kind of an anniversary episode of this thing which I’m really excited about. Greg Brown, a viewer from Newfoundland (my side of Canada!) sent me an email after last week’s broadcast and asked if I could elaborate on a topic I touched on last time. So, this week we will focus on the idea of making your own art elements the hard way rather then using pre-made brushes or vectors. Greg has a great idea there, so bring those questions.

One other note, since this is the 25th broadcast I will be announcing a new Signalnoise contest that will have you making artwork. This will be exciting, hope to see you there.

Retro art by Thomas Cantoni

Every now and then I get random emails from like-minded designers from all over the globe just wanting to touch base and say hello. That is how I was introduced to the work by French artist Thomas Cantoni. How could I not enjoy Thomas’ awesome use of shiny letters, smooth illustrations, neon lights and rad cars? Those Kulte designs would work excellent for stickers.

Swing over to Thomas’ website to see more of his killer work.

Signalnoise Source: PSD and Ai files now available

I’m really excited to announce the release of my Signalnoise Source group of Photoshop and Illustrator files now available for purchase in the Signalnoise Store. This project was originally supposed to be available through the order of a DVD, but I wanted to cut out the production cost and wait time of orders. So, I shifted things to a download for more instant usability.

The purpose of my releasing these source files is simple, to show people how I work. I field many questions from designers via my broadcast, Twitter and email regarding process, so now you can have a look inside the files and even play with the elements yourself. All of the layers, modes and effects are intact so you can really get a sense of how these images are built by exploring each element. And if you used any of these files to create something of your own, why not upload your creation to the newly formed Signalnoise Flickr group.

You can place an order for the Photoshop and Illustrator files over at the Signalnoise Store, each Photoshop file is 150dpi at 1200 x 1500. Once you place the order you will be able to instantly download the corresponding ZIP file. You will be ready to open these files up and start experimenting and creating right away.

Now the stern bit. Because I would like to do more of these in the future, please treat these files with respect. By “respect”, I mean the following:

Do not use these files or any elements for commercial work.
Do not resell any of these files or elements.
Do not distribute these files. They are for you, nobody else.
Do not print these files and sell them.

I can’t stress it enough to abide by these simple rules. These files are made available to folks who would like a deeper understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator, how I arrange elements to achieve the effects I do, and for a launchpad for personal experimentation and visual exploration. In short, I want people to learn from these files and have fun using that knowledge to create, not use my hard work in hopes of making a buck. So, by purchasing and downloading these Photoshop and Illustrator files you are agreeing with these 4 points. Cool?

So, swing on over to the Signalnoise Store and place an order as you normally would. But instead of receiving something in the mail, you will get an instant download. Hope you have lots of fun playing with the elements I’m making available, and remember to post your creations to the newly formed Signalnoise Flickr group. Lets get this giant collaboration going, kids.

Signalnoise Broadcast 23

If you were unable to tune in last Friday for a very last minute Signalnoise Broadcast 23, here is the recorded version. The internet in our new place was hooked up an hour before I started recording and my office wasn’t really together, so things weren’t as organized or structured as they normally are. But we all had a great time talking about cereal, the universe, comics, and we also touched on some design stuff. :)

Things should be back on track tomorrow for Signalnoise Broadcast 24. Hope to see you there!