Technical difficulties

I’ve had several reports over the last while with people getting warnings when trying to visit my website using Safari or Chrome. The blog will throw a random malware warning up every so often for reasons I am still confused about. I assure you I am looking into this problem and hope to have it remedied as soon as possible.

Thank-you so much to everyone on Twitter and those who have emailed me outlining the problems. Since I haven’t seen these warnings myself it’s like chasing a ghost, so the information and screen shots you have been passing on have been extremely helpful. You are the best readership in the world and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Sorry gang, I hope to have things back to normal around here real soon. If you do see any further warnings, feel free to comment here to let me know what happened.


  1. its funny that i got the malware warning trying to view this page.

  2. Dan

    Hope it works out soon!

  3. I had those warnings about a month back, but they disappeared the next day, came back, then went again the next day, then came back! It’s been no problem since, just happened over a few days. I use firefox if that’s any help.

  4. Nathan Winter

    Sounds like a WordPress redirect exploit.

  5. TooTall

    There may be some issues in the code from the ad company that is raising the red flag

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