Signalnoise and Armada Skis

I’m really excited to announce that the awesome team over at Armada Skis have launched their 2010/11 product line, which includes a set of skis I designed. Shown above are my Halo: AR Series skis now available through Armada or other ski product distributors. Here’s some product information straight from Armada:

“Creative application of EST Park Rocker to a park-specific chassis creates the next generation ski for carving between transitions, buttering off them, and floating beyond them. Stable under foot and loose and buttery at the tip and tails, the Halo slaughters the park. Patented.”

This is the first time I have attempted to design something like this, and it was a lot of fun and quite the challenge. Being used to creating posters that typically have normal proportions, having to change up my process to allow for something so long and thin was certainly a different ordeal. Lots of fun was had, and the gang at Armada were great to work with.

Swing by Armada’s website to check out the skis, as well as my artist profile.

Signalnoise Lectures

I had the pleasure yesterday of traveling to the town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia to be the guest speaker at the NSCC Lunenburg college as part of their orientation day (photos above). As some of you may already know, I am an NSCC alumni and it was that college that first introduced me to design along with software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I graduated from Graphic Design in 1996, and Interactive Technology in 1998.

Doing public speaking is something I’ve always enjoyed, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get away from work and have a personal connection with those who already know my work, or introducing Signalnoise to new people who enjoy the same stuff we do. Making people laugh, showcasing work and getting people jazzed and inspired is always the goal of my talks and my presentation is packed full of artwork, gags and stories. Having the chance to shake hands and hang out with people afterward is always a great time.

This is the fifth time I have presented. Earlier this year the NSCC Waterfront Campus brought me over twice to speak to new and graduating design students, the Centre for Arts and Technology had me speak to their design class, and I was speaker at FITC Toronto 2010 this past April. As I work on some edits to the website, I will be including a new section dedicated to this topic in hopes of speaking at other colleges and to new design students. That being said, if your class or institution likes bringing in guest speakers and you think a Signalnoise Lecture might fit, by all means shoot me an email.

Big thanks to Chris Toms for snapping the photos above, and to everyone at the NSCC Lunenburg Campus for such a great time! Hope to see you soon.

Signalnoise vs. The Salvation Army: Coming soon

Coming soon will be an exclusive Signalnoise t-shirt design created for the wicked folks at The Salvation Army in support of their brand new WARdrobe Army Apparel line. All proceeds of shirts sold will be donated to charity. More details will be coming very soon, so stay tuned.

Reminder, the Signalnoise ‘Back to School’ sale will be ending tomorrow. If you want to place an order and make use of the 15% off code, swing over to the Signalnoise Store and enter the code BACKTOSCHOOL when checking out.

Signalnoise Broadcast 19

If you missed out on watching Signalnoise Broadcast 19, here is the recorded version for you to check out. It was intended to have a topic-based discussion around process and conceptual, but we got off topic near the end which is fine by me. We had some great discussion about sketching, t-shirt design, digital mock-ups, recreating ideas your own way, the danger or strength of repetition and a bunch of other topics.

Once again, a great time. Thanks so everyone who tuned in to hang out and offer ideas to discuss. Next week we might have a slight schedule shift and I will be sure to announce and tweet about it to let everyone know. See you then!

‘Hobo with a Shotgun’ official teaser

• I designed the Hobo logo, to be seen in the upcoming film.

• Here's Jason hard at work in his studio. Grass roots, this is the way to go.

If you surf any film sites you probably woke up today completely inundated with the action-packed teaser trailer for the upcoming Hobo with a Shotgun. You might remember seeing the first trailer as the winner of the SXSW Grindhouse trailer competition, judged by Robert Rodriguez himself. Well, we finally have our first look at what to expect in the full length Hobo. Warning: if you are around uptight coworkers turn the volume down.

This isn’t just a plug for a cool movie, but Jason Eisener is a pal of mine from right here in Nova Scotia. Him and his awesome crew have been hard at work creating Hobo for the big screen, and even managed to grab Rutger Hauer as the lead role. On top of that, the guys made a serious effort to keep the film local, shooting everything in Halifax and across the harbor in Dartmouth. If there’s one thing I admire most about Jason and his crew is how grassroots they are, you can tell they have a real “get it done” attitude. They’re doing what they love, and that’s damn cool.

One more bit of nerdy trivia about this one, I designed the logo for the movie. Jason asked me back in the day to design him a logo for the SXSW contest, and the crew liked it so much that it remained intact for the full movie.

New shirts and Back to School sale!

I am happy to announce that there are now three new designs available in the growing family of Signalnoise t-shirts. Now for purchase in the Signalnoise Store are the Mask of Vulcan, the Signalnoise Chevrons and my black metal mascot shows up again in Lego form on the Metalego shirt. All orders are hand-packed by me on my coffee table, and includes a little swag bag full of Signalnoise buttons and stickers. Great for lockers and binders!

On top of that, I restocked a few of the previously sold out posters.

Back to School sale!

Along with the release of my new shirts, I will be having a Back to School sale to make it a bit more affordable for folks trying to get new posters for their dorm room or shirts for their backs. For the next week you can enjoy 15% off all orders, just use the code BACKTOSCHOOL when placing your order at the Signalnoise Store.

Welcome back to school, everyone!