Signalnoise t-shirts: Wearable soon

If you tuned into Signalnoise Broadcast 12 last week, you will have gotten a sneak peek at my new personal project. Coming very soon to the Signalnoise Store will be my first line of designer t-shirts, consisting of 4 designs to start. This new Signalnoise venture is self-initiated and the production is footed by me alone, no investors or loans. More details will be coming over the next week or so.

That being said, I wanted to talk a bit about this preview image. I’ve worked a lot with wonderful companies and brands throughout the years creating collateral and promotional materials for their products, so when I started working on the supporting materials for my brand I thought it would be fun to think along the same lines as those clients. In the case of this preview image, I wanted something that might look appropriate in a fashion magazine, adding a bit of rock n’ roll yet reference the Signalnoise history of work.

The base image was kindly supplied by the folks at Thinkstock, and I proceeded to spend many hours changing the elements and adding my own work. I thought it would be funny to see my posters littered about an alley like they were unwanted advertisements.

In short, you don’t need to be a big client in order to make your brand strong and your ideas a reality. Treat your stuff like their stuff. Stay tuned for more details as I ramp up the Signalnoise t-shirt launch!

Signalnoise and Abduzeedo: World Collabs 3

I’m pretty excited about this team-up with the mighty Abduzeedo for World Collabs #3. I was asked by Aloa to take part in this segment and supply them with a fully layered PSD document for participants to download, remix and reinvent into their own unique creations. Collaborations are something I truly believe in, and what better way of collaborating then with a bunch of people at once?

I constructed the above image using elements from previous works, both used and unused. I didn’t make this an easy process with all my overlays and glows as I really want the participants to push themselves and beat these things into a creation of their own, much like my own process. :)

Tip: Analyze the layers and effects, turn them on and off to see what they are doing. Create a new PSD document at the same size and resolution, then start sliding the layers into the new PSD one by one. This way you can see the individual elements at work instead of simply sliding them around. How can you change the idea and composition?

Swing on over to to the post on Abduzeedo, The World Collabs #3 with James White to read the rules, grab the PSD and check out the submission details. I’m really excited to see what people come up with using the elements I supplied.

Signalnoise Broadcast 12: Personal Projects

I was really looking forward to Signalnoise Broadcast 12 all week. This time around the broadcast was topic-based where we discussed personal projects, the things that we work on outside of client projects. It was a lot of fun to discuss the work that keeps us motivated on our own time, those little dream projects that we all inevitably hope to do full time some day.

On top of that, I gave the audience a sneak preview of my own new personal project. The gang got the first glimpse at my upcoming Signalnoise t-shirt line and I showed the first of 4 designs that will come with the launch, as well as some of the packaging and freebies I’ve been working on for the past month or so.

I was really excited to finally show some new material, and there will be much more to come very soon! Now with that, I am off to Toronto to see one of my favorite bands live, Iron Maiden! Have a great weekend, everyone.