‘Tron Legacy’ poster revisited

As with a lot of people, I was pretty pumped to see the new Tron Legacy trailer from the San Diego Comic Con hit the web last week, revealing more of the story, characters and super slick neon design of costumes and vehicles. I watched it a bunch just to eat up the overall design.

A year ago when the initial footage for Tron Legacy was released I set about creating my own poster for the film, being a huge fan of the direction and style. My poster flew all over the web, and was even mistaken by Netflix as being the official release which gave me a pretty good laugh. But, the design and palette of the film underwent a bit of a change since that initial footage was released, resulting in my poster being a touch obsolete. Still being pumped for the movie, I cracked open my old Photoshop file and began revising my original design to reflect the new direction.

This was a really fun exercise, where I had to revise all of the important elements including the disc design, neon color treatments and lighting effects. I wanted the new version to reflect some of the style updates including the grey-blue architecture design and brilliant amber lighting seen on the character’s wardrobe and vehicles. Here are a few of my disc vectors, including the updated version:

The designs aren’t 100% accurate to the concept design of the film or anything, I just wanted to make this poster interesting and fun. At the time, I presumed the official poster once released would showcase the main actor or something, so I wanted to do the opposite and focus on the film content and style. I treated the revision as if Disney needed the update based on what has been happening during production. As much as I would like to design something for Tron Legacy, this poster design is not official by any means. Just a personal project for the fun of it.

I will be sending this poster to the print shop super soon and will figure out some methods of getting this into peoples’ hands, along with updating all of the Tron Legacy wallpapers I had previously released. Stay tuned!


  1. LOVE IT. A fantastic update. I hope I might be able to get one of those in my hands someday.

    Great job man.

  2. OMG!!! … radical!

  3. Loving the updates to the text, and those beams look much more glossier.

  4. Looks much better! Freaking awesome!

  5. Looks much better! Freaking awesome! I WANNA IT

  6. Wow it’s feaking cool. I find your poster even cooler (more original) than the official one.

  7. i really liked the first one, but this one is just amazing…. you did good capturing the colors from the trailer…

  8. Awsome stuff, cant wait for this movie, along with the daft punk sound track

  9. I loved the first version – The new one totally rocks my socks. The subtle textures really bring it to life.

  10. ADN

    Love it!
    ( … )

  11. julio bustillos

    you should write a tut man on how to make this effect ….

  12. New ones great, but i still think your first one is by far the better of the two.

  13. I like! I have a feeling that the left side is a bit overweight tho! speaking of colors.

  14. Geoff Pedder

    I reckon some studio bigwig made them change it to ‘teal and orange’ so it’s like every other hollywood movie these days :(

  15. James Morris

    Thats fantastic. I think I like the update better with the floor, colour scheme and brushed metal.

    Seriously though you ought to get approached to do some work for the movie.

  16. Im loving it. But i like the colors of the first one. Great James!

  17. Alex

    Ya’ll know James White’s the best designer in the world.

  18. Diego

    As U2/Bono used to sing: “Even better than the real thing”! Congratulations again James. If I work at Disney…

  19. Awesome works and tecniques! :) we’ll keep n touch!!!!

  20. I love the new version. =)

  21. I am literally nursing a semi here at the prospect of seeing the new Tron film!
    New version is definitely cool – the waves are a nice addition in the ‘light cycle’ streaks.

  22. Pure awesomeness!

  23. Wow dude, this is phenomenal work. It’s much stronger than the previous version. It’d be sick if they called you to use it : )

  24. Deiby

    I really love the new colors and the surface of the disc. The more subtle changes are awesome too.

  25. Rashada Design

    I like some of the others prefer the neon green but I am bias as that is in my top 3 of favorite colors.

  26. Beautiful stuff yet again. I love the subtle changes you made to the poster.

  27. the first version was really great… buuuut… the second one is rockin’ more a lil bit

    i really love the colors n details…
    sooo fresh ;D

  28. Nthngmn

    Please please please do a 1920 dual screen wallpaper of this. My desktop needs more badassery.

  29. Really great improvement, amazing work.

  30. I love the revisit, the complementary colours work great.

    It would be great if you could do a tutorial or step by step of how you did the revisit. It’d be appreciated a lot.

    Great work like always James!

  31. Sweetttt. Hope to get one of these some day. Let me know.

  32. Gerry

    A tutorial please…

  33. I like it. I think that you should also do some tuts related to your Typefaces. They are very inspirational. I haven’t seen anything comparable in any recent tuts. It would be refreshing. Nice job.

    Jeremy Darko
    CEO | Darko Media Omniversal ™
    He Who Knows Most Says Least

  34. Hajime

    The past one is very raw, when I saw it I can’t believe it is your design!
    However the new one is fantastic, very detail :D

  35. That’s a fantastic job once again, really stunning colors too. A really subtle design!

  36. Scott

    When I first heard early last year about Tron Legacy coming out I myself was thrilled. I began searching for wallpapers as I too had watched the trailer. When I found your wallpaper I had to have it and it has been riding on my iPhone ever since then. Thanks for the awesome wallpaper. It’s nice to be able to thank the “Creator” hehe.

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