Tron Legacy: New trailer and giveaway!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m currently on a small trip outside the city to do some relaxing and wasn’t planning on getting back to the blog until my return, but as you can imagine I’m pretty excited about this new trailer for Tron Legacy released at the San Diego Comic Con. Disney is doing a great job of showing us a few more bits with every new release, and this trailer doesn’t disappoint. Just look at all that tasty neon action, love it.

Tron Legacy poster giveaway!

I have a few copies of my Tron Legacy poster left over from a small print run last year, and I think it’s about time for another Signalnoise giveaway. Let’s keep it simple, just drop a comment on this post and you will be entered into the draw to win 1 of 2 Tron Legacy posters. Just one comment per person, or you will risk getting booted out. This contest will go until next Wednesday (July 28) and I will announce the 2 winners on the Signalnoise Broadcast the following day, Thursday at 3pm EST.

Good luck, kids!


  1. I want that in my wall!

  2. Taylor

    This is so awesome! You always do the best giveaways.

  3. Oh man, I hope it’s me :)

  4. Rich B

    This poster is badass! :)

  5. James,

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out – trailer looks great. Your poster looks like it belongs as a promotional poster.

    Good job James

  6. I soooo much love that poster!
    Great work, James.

  7. Tyago Neres

    Hope I win! Your work is awesome, this poster will look great hanging on my wall…great giveaway

  8. Garrett Wilkes


  9. I am so looking forward to the new Tron movie. Poster in my room would only add to the cool

  10. I love the trailer… can’t wait to watch the movie…. the poster is as wicked as the costume and the bike…

    u have nailed it!!

  11. This would go brilliantly next to the Shoulder of Orion poster I just asked my brother to get printed for me.

  12. Super excited for Tron and have always been a fan of your work!! Thanks James for offering your stuff to the people!!!

  13. Alan Durden

    Your poster belongs in my office

  14. Darko Design

    Thats my first time seeing the trailer and it looks awesome. Wicked work on the Tron Poster.

  15. Devin I

    I wanna win!!

  16. Matteo Ferrara

    Your posters are awesome. I’m in. :)

  17. livvyme

    Yay! Awesomefest!!

  18. JamieJimJames

    That is one big bowl of awesome right there.

  19. The trailer looks bad ass.
    And the poster will be mine…

  20. The work they’ve put into “Young Flynn” in this flick, so far, is just as fascinating as the rest of the material combined. I’m incredibly stoked for this flick. Hopefully it will be offered in 2D, as well. :P

  21. Billy Steele

    Sweetness. Count me in.

  22. Ahh would be awesome to win! Moving into my new place next week and need some amazing posters to take up some of the empty walls! This would be perfect :)

  23. JamieJimJames

    Oh and the trailer’s pretty decent too.

  24. davina wilson

    Ahhh this poster is awesome! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I manage to win one :D

  25. canute

    im in

  26. I want this framed on my wall. It’s already on my desktop and my phone background.

  27. April Baird

    I can’t wait to see that movie. Plus your poster looks amazing. It would look nice in my office. :)

  28. Not enough say that looks AWESOME!

  29. Love the poster man! I’m such a Tron nerd…

  30. Sign me up, wanted to get one of these since I saw the first give away on abduzeedo

  31. Hey James, Hook me up! Great poster, cool contest! TRON the movie is SO overdue by this point, looking forward to it.

  32. ana

    to be honest i was sick of all the tron hooo-haaah, but the trailer looks badass.
    but the poster’s better :)

  33. ever since i saw the for the comic-con release i’ve been pumped about this movie. the poster looks amazing your work always inspires me to become more creative and original.

  34. Giovanni

    How bizarre!! There’s a space on my wall just that size!! Count me in!

  35. Haha Im a Tron Geek. I dont play a lot of videogames but Tron is one of the multiplayer games I always play on tour. I used to approach girls with it sometimes :P

    Love the poster. Hand it to me, I will put it right over my working space.

  36. Oh man, I’d so proudly hang that to my wall. Probably even put it in glass frame so it lasts much longer.

  37. I’d love to put this in my office! Pick me, pick me :)

  38. thanks for the poster. may the lucky commenter win!

  39. Keith

    I’m in, looks badass@

  40. Tasty neon goodness, gotta love it!

  41. DickieJones

    count me in

  42. Julius

    Yeah, I think that poster finally would make my room look awesome.

  43. Lucas Cristofali

    i’m all in! love it! your work always rock!

  44. Awesome trailer.. Can’t wait to see the real thing!

    Also keep up the awesome work James – looking forward to my next iPhone wallpaper :-)

  45. Ben

    Looks great, and like the new trailer as well. Bring it on!

  46. I’m in! :) This would make a wonderful touch for my room redecoration.

  47. Viktor

    “Excited” I can´t wait for it to go up on the screen :)

  48. Cheers James, great poster, would look great on our office wall :-)

  49. The Hubby and I rented the “original” TRON some months ago and all I can say is I can’t wait to see this one! And the poster you did totally rocks! I want one! :)

  50. Awesome poster! I´d love to have it in my room!

  51. Jerry


  52. Jeff Exstrum

    Great poster; great sequel. Thanks, James!

  53. Can’t wait for this movie to come out! (And to have a chance to win an awesome poster!)

  54. Melissa B

    Hey James, Congrats the poster looks awesome

  55. Ok, even though I am just posting to get a sweet free poster – When Tron was announced, JW was the first person that came to mind. It really is a shame that he is not doing the official collateral for the movie, because his style is perfect for this film.

    Keep up the great work, James. And send me my tshirt!


  56. Deiby

    Count me in!

    First time seeing the new trailer here too, looks great.

  57. Oh man, this poster is amazing!

  58. How terribly exciting! Flynn Lives!

  59. Abel

    Hello, really like your work..hope i can have one of those

  60. Akshay Sawant

    I SO freaking want that! :D

  61. J Tyburczy

    Beautiful work as always James.
    Saw this on here a while back, great to see
    it come back as we near the movie release.

  62. Tim W

    Big fan of your work. Count me in for the drawing!

  63. Stephen

    Man that trailer is so yummy! December can’t come fast enough!

  64. PsyBi||

    I have too tell you that that poster is stuck to my computer @ my workplace as a wallpaper. I changed my wallpaper into your TRON Legacy, but now I can’t remove it, because the guys from ICT removed my rights to change it.

    But it would look cooler on my wall…. :)

  65. Great work! Would love to have on my wall.

  66. This new trailer is SOOO awesome! Of course your poster would be a great thing on my white wall just in front of me right now!

  67. Oh my! Oh my! Oh My! This poster has to be mine! Pleaaaaase!

  68. This would look great next to my Rock ’77 poster ^_^

  69. Awesome! I want one! pretty please! :-)

  70. Great poster James! Would love to have that hanging on the wall here.

  71. Jenn Dube

    Yay poster!

  72. perri

    neon power

  73. Christopher Jones

    I’d love to win one of your posters so I don’t have to buy one… but either way i’ll have it :)

  74. J-Dahl

    Wow, thanks. That is very generous of you! Crosses fingers! :)

  75. AnubisibunA

    Love the poster and your work… thanks!

  76. Victor Melo


  77. Lukasz Pason

    Love your artwork James!! See you at the next live cast! (djlukasz)

  78. Julien

    That poster is amazing! I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  79. wow, great poster. cant wait to see the movie.

  80. I’m in, I love this poster but the new trailer is too classic.

  81. Eric

    in for one. insert poster here.

  82. I’m pretty ridiculously psyched for this movie. Quite possibly the movie I’ve been anticipating the most since I first heard about it way back when.

    Now to win this poster? That would be ridiculously awesome in itself. A SIGNALNOISE poster of TRON. It’s a double win!

  83. Thanks for doing this James! You Rock!

  84. I’ve always loved that poster. It would be lovely to have it on my wall, too.

  85. Simply can’t wait for this movie to come out and with this poster on the wall things couldn’t get any better..

  86. Can’t wait. Thanks for giving these away

  87. Brunello Infante

    Great Poster, great trailer. cheers from Lima – Peru.

  88. Michael V

    I can’t wait for this movie!

  89. Fulton Hawk

    Tron + Signalnoise = Freaking Awesome!!! James White for president… Or prime minister or grand wizard, whatever they call it in Canada;)

  90. Love this poster, one of my favs!

  91. Can’t wait for the movie, and the poster will be a nice addition to my SN poster collection.

  92. I only found out about the movie when I saw your poster last year. Thanks to you I’ll be looking forward to this!

  93. Major props from Florida – totally dig your style! ;)

  94. Well without sounding like I’m kissing too much ass lol, it would simply be a pleasure to own a signalnoise classic. Clean lines and bold colors with a solid layout always gets a thumbs up from me. Especially for a piece of art / movie related history. Sincerely :)

  95. colin

    That poster is awesome. Thanks for the contest!

  96. I’m so exited about this movie. I haven’t seen this trailer yet for fear that it will spoil something… But I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it for long.

  97. Killer poster, I love it!

  98. Seriously dude, you will make a grown hoser cry if i don’t win…i’m not sure who or where he is, but i hear he’s on thin ice emotionally ;) Awesome work…CAN’T WAIT FOR DEC!

  99. Ben

    Can I have one shrunk down so I can stick it in a DVD case?

  100. DrewFitz

    Need something for the walls of my new apartment! *fingers crossed*

  101. I also need something nice for the bare walls of my new place! hehe

  102. Ivan Nikolić

    Count me in! :)

  103. Enjoy your weekend out of town… And go OFFLINE ;)

  104. Mike Chum

    TRON LEGACY POSTER!!!! Ooh me me me :D ::waving hand frantically::

  105. Galen Keene

    I’ve been waiting for another Tron movie since I was a kid. This movie is going to ROCK!

  106. Awesome design, I want one!

  107. Hope you enjoy your brief vacation as much as I would enjoy winning one of those fancy wall pikchurs.

  108. Ash

    Disney should really pick this up as a limited run for the movie.

  109. Man, that’s pure design awesomeness, I must have it man ;D

  110. I’ve had this as my desktop wallpaper since you dropped it. Can’t wait for the movie!

  111. Awesome poster, trailer looks sick! Can’t wait for the movie.

  112. Leah

    Awesome! I love that poster.

  113. Damn thats a lot of comments already. Hope i wins it.

  114. ADN

    Hooo plz plz plz plz plz… can I have one plz? :))
    In exchange, I’ll send you my modified version you already seen I think

    (did I say please?)

  115. Max

    I never win anything…

  116. Love the trailer. So epic. And the poster is amazing!

  117. nico

    I want a poster! thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Wonderful design! I want one pleas :)

  119. Thats a great poster! And who isn´t looking forward to the movie?

  120. John

    Man that jet fighter is gonna be cool.

  121. Looks great, good luck everyone!

  122. love the poster, love your work, can’t wait for TRON…and congrats on the new shirt line…BAD.ASS.

  123. The poster and the trailer look amazing!

  124. Yamileth

    I have this as my computer background. So cool and want it. Keep the awesome work.
    Cheers from Mexico!

  125. loving your work. loving tron. here we come future!

  126. Braedon de Grasse

    Really looking forward to this movie, the CGI is stunning, and hopefully the story will be just as good.

  127. julio bustillos

    this is one of my favorite posters …yeah ……..daft punk will rock this movie soundtrack

  128. oooo memememe! :)

  129. Julian

    I want it plz

  130. Tim

    Please! me.


  131. The poster is real nice
    The creative director over Walt Disney needs to use it for the final artwork
    it definitely goes hand in hand with the movie : ) lool

  132. I feel like leaving a comment is too easy. I want to provide you on a essay as to why Tron was such a good film. But I did that years ago for a film studies essay so I won’t bore you with it. :p

  133. Diego Ante

    Awesome! I hope I can win.

  134. Awesome poster, would look great on my wall,

    Hint hint

  135. Evil Hungarian

    The trailer is simply EPIC. I’m so excited!!

  136. Henzen

    That’s excactly what I’ve been waiting for….

  137. James

    Oooh yeah, that’d be nice!

  138. Poster would look great in my new flat! Looking forward to the film.

  139. As usual, you’re the man, James! Thanks for always thinking of the fans!

  140. Loves it!
    Poster 2: The Wrath of Tron

  141. Matt

    Greetings from Vancouver! The poster and the movie look amazing.

  142. Chris Reardon

    All I can say is I was born in 1982 when Tron came out…and I will always be a fan. :D
    I have been looking forward to the opportunity for a new Tron for so long.
    Love this design!

  143. Sebastian Chavez

    What can I say the movie and the poster look amazing.

    Saludos desde Mexico!!!

  144. Cris b

    I can’t imagine the official movie poster being any better.

  145. Alexander Winifred

    Mr. James White, you are awesome. May I have one of those? Please?

  146. Love the poster. Can’t wait for the film!

  147. Ben w

    I need to spend more time here. Hoping to find iPad wallpaper.

  148. Christiane

    Stumbled upon your great work via abduzeedo. I already use your wallpaper, but the poster really amazes me :) Would fit perfectly on my wall.

  149. peter

    great poster

  150. James

    It’s my birthday soon, James. Getting some Signal Noise gear. Love the poster, can’t wait for the movie. I’ll see it in IMAX!

  151. David

    Can’t wait for the film and can’t wait for the score !

  152. Young Jeff Bridges looks like a talking piece of wax D:
    Still can’t wait for the film though.

  153. Hey man, I would love to have this poster! Also I can’t wait for the movie!

  154. love the trailer and love the poster

  155. This movie is probably the one I’m most excited for this year… and the trailer is just so awesome!

    Also, definitely want that poster!

  156. I loved the poster! Crossing fingers here!

  157. WOW! i’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time! and that poster would be a great inspiration in my room!!

    Keep it up Signalnoise!

  158. Jeffrey J Chaves

    Great Design and Great trailer…..

  159. Carlos Camp

    I would love to have this poster!! Admire your designs. I am a devoted fan

  160. Alex

    Love the poster; I’m using it as a wallpaper on my phone. Hope I win!

  161. Gentleman Mitch

    Never would a more worthy poster adorn my wall.

    I was born ten years after Tron came out but from the second I saw it it became one of my top five favourite movies.

    Winning this would totally be double rainbow.

  162. So pumped for this movie!

  163. Duke

    Can’t wait for it….

  164. omar

    humm nice poster

  165. stoshue

    good work

  166. Dan

    I’m excited about the movie, but I’m also excited about the game. I loved Tron 2.0, and I hope they make a worthy sequel to that classic.

  167. arnold


  168. Legento

    I always loved TRON – both the movie and the videogame. Really looking forward to the new movie.

  169. Would love a copy of this poster – very nice.

  170. Not sure what I want to see more, the poster on my wall or the movie…..

  171. George Preoteasa

    I can’t wait for the movie in December… Great job with the poster, it’s a clasic!

  172. MP

    In case I win this poster: THANK YOU!!

  173. Dan

    This poster is too good to pass up the contest!

  174. Great poster! Looking forward to the movie.

  175. Barking Bud

    gimme gimme gimme!!! :-D ((( ((( <<<double rainbow!!

  176. Leslie

    I can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!

  177. AndreW

    Looks awesome!!

  178. Chris h

    would love a copy of this poster!

  179. dig the poster mate, keep up the great work!

  180. DJC

    Looking forward to the film – gonna be killer!

  181. kaoskongo

    Poster looks great :) Fingers crossed!

  182. StolenBeat

    I have that poster as wallpaper on my mac… and I want that poster as my wallpaper, literally. (:

  183. Woah, the poster above looks way rad!

  184. Chubrick

    Great to see the poster again.

  185. Jimmy

    Looking forward to the new Tron movie! Also your site is awesome

  186. Jason

    count me in!

  187. Man, there are a lot of comments. You deserve each one of them.

  188. nice poster, suitable for my wall! :D

  189. I think I should get this poster. First, I am sure I am one of your fans from Kenya(sure you didn’t expect that). I have been using that Tron Legacy iphone wallpaper(and I don’t even own an iphone), it’s just that cool.
    Anyway…:-). Love your work.

  190. I’d love to get one of these!

  191. Rob O.

    Awesome poster…!

  192. Great idea James ! I’d love to see the Tron Legacy Poster in my bedroom^^

  193. MetalGod

    as usual amazing work.

  194. i CAN’T wait to see this movie till december D: ! but it’s good to have something inspiring to watch in future and also, enjoying the terrific art people like you are doing!

  195. LOVE IT! I want it on my wall:)

  196. Dan

    OMGsh!!! More than 200 entries??? Well, lets try!! hehehe
    Awesome work as always, btw. :D

  197. noiserocker

    Wow nice Poster, would be cool if i get one :D

  198. Tim

    Is it just a game?

  199. David Weatherby

    Really top notch, fantastic poster, your work just keeps getting better and better, really love it !!

  200. Great trailer! Can’t wait to see those vfx and design on the big screen.
    Gotta love the poster with all the neons!

  201. As a Sci Fi nut and tech geek who is passionate about human machine interaction your poster would be a great addition to my workspace as I work on new tech endeavors.

  202. Had to be sure I was entered. I WANT!!!

  203. JB

    Love the poster. Have you got a tutorial for it? I would love to a have a go at creating it even if I don’t win :-)

  204. I liked the first trailer better, but am still really looking forward to this. Silky smooth poster btw.

  205. I would love to hang this in my office. No whammy no whammy…

  206. Love the poster, it would fit perfect next to my other 3 Signalnoise posters on my wall :D

    I am looking forward to see the movie in December

  207. gadnalf

    nice poster :)
    would fit perfect on my wall :D

  208. Agreed about the trailer looking awesome… I’ve been watching it many a times since it was released; each time I get chills.
    I would love to get a copy of the poster; that exact design is the art currently on my iPhone’s background.

  209. Can’t wait for Tron!!

  210. James, I’ve been rockin your sweet TRON desktop for over a month now and love it. Seems a poster on the wall would complete the workspace!

  211. I am so waiting for December!! Has anyone seen the original movie? It freakin’ rocks!

  212. Ian S

    Can’t wait for this movie to drop… love the poster as well

  213. daan

    Hi James,

    the poster really rocks, can’t wait to see the movie either. Thing is, I just got myself a brand-new workspace, though the wall above my monitor is so empty. Too empty. This poster would be great for the job to fill it up (any of your posters would)

    So, I see you on thursday then! Cheers!

  214. bradley pavard

    Mmmmmm, sorry just drooled a little bit.

  215. Hi James,
    from what we saw in the trailers so far, who will you cheer, Sam or Kevin? =D

  216. Luis a

    Oh boy, if I win I might shoot neon out of my nose!

  217. eHarrison

    Looks Great!!! Can’t wait to see the movie but for right now trailers have to do.

  218. Axelay

    This looks great!

  219. CameronD

    Great give away man! Love the poster!!

  220. one of my favorite posters designed by you!

  221. Just can’t wait to see that I didn’t get anything again! I’ve heard that there are 70 entries for your abduzzedo World Collabs contest also! Guess I have the same chances there with my entry. Maaan, will I everer get a break…
    It’ doesn’t matter the poster still looks awesome!

  222. I’ll throw my hat in for one of them me thinks.

    Love the new take on the poster James, Tron is pretty inspiring I must admit. Our local IMAX better get it in or there will be trouble!

  223. Brandon Hutchins

    Oh my god that trailer looked amazing.

  224. Well hey, I like me some Tron.

  225. this second trailer ruined the film for me.

    the Tron arcade game, the toys the knowledge of the existance of the game, a heart-warming-story it sucks now

  226. Once again, excellent work.

  227. I love this poster! It’s nice to see a movie poster (even though it was just a personal project) that features something other than just the actors. Great job of using shapes and lighting effects to create an interesting, creative piece…. Very refreshing.

  228. Mark Kilfoil

    Great poster!

  229. Ben

    Man… just blew me away

  230. Awesome dude, thanks for always keeping us readers in mind!

  231. As usual, a great work!

  232. Joshua Schaible

    This poster would look amazing right next to my robocop poster and moose head above mt bed!

  233. Laura

    It’s all glowy.

  234. space

    Great stuff :)

  235. Lachlan

    Amazing! Keep up the good work man, I love your stuff!

  236. Josh

    Man, this would look great in my newly decorated bedroom.

  237. wtf_cakes

    Yes please!

  238. The Disney poster is sub-standard compared to yours. Excellent!

  239. This would go great on my wall!

    Better get ready James..Disney might be asking you to design posters for them in the future!

  240. Darko Design

    Wasn’t sure if my comment got in, sorry if it did already but would love to win that poster. Its really inspiring.

  241. Francisco

    I want this, please !!!!!

  242. Cool stuff, love your work!

  243. Chicocabra

    Outstanding – keep up the good work!

  244. Ticiana

    I want this poster, James. I love your work…

  245. Free stuff?! :D

    (Been thinking bout buying a poster, or a shirt, for a while now so a great dry run I guess :D)

  246. Rashada Design


  247. Andrew Stock

    Sure, why not.

  248. I can not wait for this movie. Really nice look… love the feel of it.

  249. JC

    I just got back from Comic Con and while I was walking around the End of Line Club, I just kept thinking how great your poster would look on the wall there. Keep up the amazing work.

  250. Rafael Ferreira

    That’s really awesome!

  251. Amazing poster; should be the official one….the movie will definitely rock too….

  252. Hm..Very nice :)

  253. Very nice poster!

  254. Roluf

    Likilikeit! :)

  255. Fantastic work as always James.

  256. Elove

    Im going to see this movie in IMAX if i can. Tron with Daft Punk scoring this?! I’m gonna melt in my seat!

  257. You the man! Fingers crossed :D

  258. Would be great to have in my home office.

  259. I *need* this, for all that is good!

  260. ken

    Super slick as always!

  261. Mbithi

    Please? Like pretty please?


    This is from the TRON original movie. ;-)

  263. Tron² ! great Film (i hope) & awesome giveaway !

  264. Great preview i´m excited about that movie. And i love the poster ;)

  265. Judson Collier

    My dorm room calls for Tron this fall, sir.

  266. Incredible, can’t believe I didn’t see this before, I love this poster. I’m such a sucker for blues and greens. Good luck to everyone! =)

  267. Ariel

    Ever since last year I’ve been winning
    this poster! Here we go again let’s see how this goes!

  268. ClintonMagus

    Beautiful work! Loved the Nike Track nationals poster, also!

  269. Mike

    Whooooo I hope I win! I LOVE TRON!!!!!!

  270. Sweet poster! Love the vibe.

  271. Alex

    I would love one of these!

  272. Anaya


  273. Jerica

    Awesome job James!

  274. John

    Keep it up James!

  275. Dave

    This has been my desktop background for the better part of the last three months. Solid work, as always.

  276. Kirstin

    I’d love one of these posters! James, you rock.

  277. I’ll take a poster. :)

  278. Your works just keep gettin better! Big inspiration! Enter me please!

  279. Sark: [paces back and forth on the deck of his carrier as he addresses his new recruits]


    The Master Control Program has chosen ME to WIN your Competition on the Network of the Super high way.

    Those of you who continue to profess a belief in the Users will receive the standard substandard training that will result in your eventual elmination.

    Those of you who renounce this superstitious and hysterical belief will be eligible to join the Warrior Elite of the MCP.

    Each of you will be given a Tron Poster.
    [Displays his own disc to the crowd]

  280. Love this giveaway you’re doing James. Also I’m super stoked about the broadcast tomorrow. I’ve somehow missed the past 2 or3 of them. I need to catch up.