Signalnoise Broadcast 8

For those who couldn’t tune into Signalnoise Broadcast 8 yesterday afternoon, here is the recorded version. We had a great time with a fantastic turn-out. We covered all kinds of topics, including design stories, a bit of process stuff, talked about other designers and artists, typefaces . . . lots of great stuff.

As always, thanks so much to everyone who tuned in, your questions really drive this whole thing and it’s lots of fun to chat with you all. I’m working on getting the broadcasts into a weekly rotation, more to come on this soon.

Signalnoise Broadcast 8: June 3rd, 3pm EST

That’s right, Signalnoise Broadcast 8 will be held tomorrow, June 3rd at 3pm EST. Bring your questions and lets talk some art and design.

If you have never tuned into any of my Signalnoise Broadcasts, it is essentially a live hour-long design discussion where I field various questions by viewers dealing mostly with design industry stuff, processes, news, and other hopefully helpful topics. It’s always a great time and the questions are always challenging and informed.

The best way to stay informed about when the Broadcasts will happen is via my Twitter. So tune in tomorrow at 3pm EST and lets jam.

2010 poster now available!

The Tuts+ 2010 commemorative poster is now available for purchase in the Signalnoise Store. This poster is 18″ x 24″, printed in full color on semi-gloss poster stock and ready to ship. You will also get a couple of free Signalnoise stickers with any order to vandalize stop signs in your neighborhood. Fun stuff.

Swing on over to the Signalnoise Store to check out the selection of posters.

Were you encouraged to create?

I was visiting my friends Chris and Sameen last night and the topic of creativity in our younger years came up. This prompted a great discussion about how much we were encouraged as kids to nurture our creative side, whether that was through art classes, school projects, extracurricular activities or whatever we had access to.

It’s very unfortunate that we live in a time where it seems art and music are the first areas that are cut when budgets come down, resulting in fewer creative access points for kids growing up. I graduated from high school in 1995, so I’m a little bit foggy on what exactly is happening in the creative world that encourages kids in elementary, junior high and high schools to keep drawing or painting.

Personally, in elementary school we had an almost weekly art class where we could draw or use the schools’ supplies to make things, which was all kinds of fun. In junior high I had access to a music class, and a monthly art club . . . not exactly an environment that endorsed creative exploration. Then once I reached high school, there was nothing. No music class, no art class or club, just a lot of Friday nights sitting at my drawing table doodling pictures of Superman.

That being said, readers, I’d like to open the floor to you. I know the age ranges and geography of people who read the blog are quite varied, so I would like to pose you a question. Before you entered into any college or anything, were you encouraged to create when you were going through school? Did you have classes available? Were teachers understanding? Did you have friends who were into art as well?

Tell us your story.