NES games from the Old School

I wanted to start the week off right with a trip back to my childhood. I was a Nintendo kid since owning my first NES when I was 11 back in 1988, and have never really deviated to any other systems. Outside of handhelds, I owned every system Nintendo put out with the exception of the N64 and am constantly barking at people who choose an XBox or PS3 over the Wii. Sorry gang, but “better graphics” is simply not a valid argument. :)

So, shown here are a bunch of NES game covers. I do love all of these designs, but that’s not the reason I chose to showcase these covers. I have some very fond memories tied to all of these games. Staying up late with other kids playing Blades of Steel until our thumbs were sprained, getting yelled at by mom to go outside while playing Bionic Commando, amping up my team in Baseball Stars, yelling at my television every time Tyson knocked me down. So many memories.

If you were a video game kid (or still are), you know what I’m talkin’ about. Feel free to comment on your own favorites from back in the day, I’d love to read your stories.

Logos for friends

Since moving to Signalnoise full time, I’ve had a bit of extra time to develop logos for friends. All of the designs seen here were made for good buddies of mine here in Halifax in order to help them develop their various projects and businesses. Being a designer in the group, I feel a bit of responsibility to ensure all my pals look good.

And yes, that guy at the top is indeed a little poop, which was designed for a friend’s website. Then we have the Freshtables logo, the robot is for my pal Ian “Jerko” Cann, my pal Ian Fraser opened a new record store here in Halifax called Obsolete Records, and my buddy Dave is writing and illustrating a graphic novel inspired by ’80s wrestling entitled Slam-a-rama.

And speaking of friends, here’s a couple of them now. Jerko and Ben hanging out in the studio.

Signalnoise Broadcast 9

For those who missed the first weekly installment of the Signalnoise Broadcast, here is the recorded version. This was a really enjoyable broadcast where we covered topics such as art & design books, things that inspired me when I was young, RGB versus CMYK, the jump from a fulltime designer to an independent artist, avoiding creativity burn-outs, the origin story of the ‘Signalnoise’ name, my first commercial job, bitchin’ about Andy Warhol and Duchamps’ “Fountain”, and a bunch of other stuff.

A quick reminder, I will be doing the Signalnoise Broadcast weekly so you can tune in next Thursday at 3pm EST for another discussion. Thanks again to everyone that tuned in!

Signalnoise buttons

I picked up my Signalnoise buttons yesterday and I can’t be more happy with the results. I was tipped off on a guy named Peter here in Halifax that recently started his own button-making venture, so the timing could not have been any better to get these little guys made and support a small local business. He did a fantastic job with a crazy fast turnaround, and now I have a pile of colorful buttons with variants of my logo.

These buttons are a small part of a larger Signalnoise project that is in the works. More to come on how I will be getting these into peoples’ hands.

PS. If you live here in Halifax and want to make your own buttons, shoot me an email and I’ll drop you Peter’s contact. Great guy who does great work.

Signalnoise Broadcast now weekly

Starting this week, my Signalnoise Broadcast will be moving to a new weekly format, airing every Thursday at 3pm EST. This is something I’ve been debating doing for the past while, always worried that work or other things might get in the way of me doing my hour-long broadcasts, but it’s time to bite the bullet. I really enjoy doing these things and I want to do more of them. What else matters?

Since I’m moving to a weekly, I will not be doing any announcing on the blog for upcoming shows other then the little plug in the upper-right corner. The best way of keeping track is via my Twitter, where I will be announcing the day of every broadcast so everyone has ample notice when I will be going live. So if you want to keep on top of things, hit that Twitter.

That being said, hope to see you tomorrow at 3pm!

Happy World Oceans Day!

It seems like our poor oceans have been getting the short end of the stick lately with everything happening in the Gulf, so World Oceans Day could not have come at a better time. Being from Halifax on the east coast of Canada, we manage to see the ocean everyday and it’s a big part of our lives. Here is a short excerpt of what today is all about:

The concept for a “World Ocean Day” was first proposed in 1992 by the Government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and it had been unofficially celebrated every year since then. Since 2002, The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network have helped to promote and coordinate World Oceans Day events worldwide. We help coordinate events and activities with aquariums, zoos, museums, conservation organizations, universities, schools, and businesses. Each year an increasing number of countries and organizations have been marking June 8th as an opportunity to celebrate our world ocean and our personal connection to the sea.

So, please help spread the word that today is for our big blue friend and feel free to take the design above for use on your own website. Awareness is a powerful thing.

Gig posters by Methane Studios

Due to the vastness of their portfolio, it was very difficult to choose a few choice posters from the shelves of Methane Studios. If you’re into looking at gig posters online, you’ve probably come across their work once or twice. Beautifully executed silk screened posters full of color, style, ideas and mediums. And if you can believe it, Methane is a 2-man operation consisting of Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee which started in 1998 making gig posters for local bands in Ohio. Since then, they’ve worked with all kinds of stars and clients including Turner Broadcasting, Honda, Liberty Mutual and more.

These guys are a testament that great things will happen if you work hard and do what you love.

It’s impossible to get a good grasp of their portfolio here, so I urge you to check out their account on Gig Posters as well as their official site for more of their work. If you are an illustrator, photo manipulator or designer you will certainly be blown away by their versatility. I’m off to make a band so I can hire these guys. :)

Signalnoise Studio: Packing posters

Here is one more little broadcast for this Friday afternoon. I’ve been asked fairly frequently about my packing and shipping methods, ultimately how I prep my posters before putting them into the mail. I had a few posters to pack up this afternoon and decided to record and narrate the procedure in the form of a little broadcast. If you’ve ever wanted to set up your own poster store and had questions about what supplies you might need and where to get them, check out this video. It might answer a few questions.