Signalnoise Broadcast 11

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  1. Nice broadcast again. Sorry I couldn’t make it :) “horse hockey” put a smile on my face, really expecting a poster/illustration soon!
    Maybe it would be nice to pick a certain subject for upcoming broadcasts, I’ve been watching almost all of your ‘casts and a lot of the same questions are coming up every week or so. By having a specific topic that could be eliminated I think. People can also watch older casts about a topic they’re interested in.

    Just an idea I had while watching this last cast, thanks for doing this every week!

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James White is a digital artist and speaker hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. With over 20 years of experience, James has worked with many international brands and has taken the stage at design conferences across the globe. He loves hot pink, chrome text and stuff from the 1980s.

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