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  1. Thanks for sharing your ID guide James. Your logo is perfect for your work! Every time I see it I feel like designing a new one for myself (currently on iteration #1976…)

  2. James,

    This is funny, I have just completed a similar post on the Projekt19 styleguide… I will be posting something next week….

    Good post – I am really diggin the logo

  3. Andrea, I feel your pain when it comes to developing your own logo. My Signalnoise identity went through a LOT of changes before landing on the current version. Check out this post. Perseverance wins the race, keep at it. :)

    Hey Chad! That’s great to hear, dude. Looking forward to checking that out. It’s a good process to go through, just to learn a bit more about your own design.

  4. I also like to plan for how a logo would look carved into the breastplate of a skeletal warrior from the depths of hell.

    You can never be too safe…

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