Vintage Volkswagen logo buses

These make me pretty happy. I was surfing around Ffffound last night and came across these scans of vintage Volkswagen buses from the 60s. I’ve always been a fan of the Volkswagen bus design, where everything is round and adorable plus would have made for the perfect mobile advertising unit. The round body makes for a wonderful blank canvas, and the architecture is split up in a way that makes multiple color schemes quite striking.

Oh, to live back then and see these wonderful things all over the place. Maybe I should cut my losses and invest in a Signalnoise Volkswagen bus to travel across Canada in.

Yeah, might have to do that. :)


  1. wow.. cool! hahaha.. i like this vintage van too!!! hahahaha…

  2. Picture this: seeing the Signalnoise bus chugging on the road pumping mad metal volume (I’d go for some Judas or early Scorpions in this kind of bus). What a sight that would be….

  3. I like that Signalnoise VW :D
    The minor change I’d make is desaturating the front logo, to me it’s bugging the eye. Other than that, it’s terrific van!


  4. james (Author)

    Radu, you just blew my mind. Put some big speakers in the back and blast some Maiden. I’ll add that to the ‘to do’ list.

    Sergei, you were right. I fixed that logo up. Thanks man!

  5. Emily

    Nice!! How cool would it be if everyone drove their own personally designed van…

  6. DEF! Man you NEED one of those! Just needs a big aerial for sending signal communications to the world wherever you are :)

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