LOST sketches by J. Scott Campbell

Here is another LOST treat for all you like-minded fans out there. These amazing caricatures were created by famed comic book illustrator J. Scott Campbell.

It’s great to see Campbell blowing out such nice sketches for my favorite show because I was a fan of his from waaaay back when he cut his teeth with Wildstorm Comics, laying down his bouncy pencils for Gen13 in the early 90s. I always enjoyed his playful style and he draws some hilariously sexy cartoon ladies, as seen in his Danger Girl series.

But just look at the incredible likenesses he captures in these drawings. I mean, check Sayid! You cannot get any closer then that, perfect expression. My pal Dave described Campbell as being “the new Mort Drucker, and that’s a pretty accurate thought. I’d love to see Campbell do more caricature work, man he’s good at it.

Check out J. Scott Campbell’s Facebook page for more of his LOST updates, as well as his DeviantArt.

Inspiration: Martine Johanna

Check out the wonderful illustration skill of European artist Martine Johanna. Amazing precision with hand drawn elements, specifically faces and hair, and I really enjoy the additional animals and characters worked into every piece.

See more of Martine’s work on the official website.

Skratch Bastid at the Signalnoise art show

My pal Skratch Bastid put on a hell of a spectacle at the Signalnoise art show on April 25th at Resistor Gallery in Toronto. Not only did he play a solid line-up of great tunes, but he started ripping up the tables near the end of the evening. Check out this video shot and edited by Aaron Van Domelen. Great job catching the vibe of Skratch’s performance, and some really nice shots in there.

Big thanks to Aaron for sending this over, and always mad highfives to the Bastid for killin’ it.

Inspiration: Mike Mignola’s Hellboy

Here is a post I think is a bit overdue on my part. I really dove into comics back in the mid to late 90s, and to this day tend to re-read the graphic novels that reside on my shelf from that time period. Sandman, Sin City, Madman, Astro City, there was some really great stuff that came out back then. Amongst them was my favorite, Hellboy.

Now lets make the distinction. Most people unfortunately know Hellboy from the movies which I thought were alright, but the Hellboy I’m referring to was the comic book version. Let’s get old school.

Mike Mignola is the man, and the reason I think he stands alone in the world of comic books is because of his design sensibility. For those who are familiar with his work, you know his unique system of pacing. Mignola isn’t concerned with loading each panel and page with as much crap as he can, he does the opposite by including a full page with no dialogue, showing Hellboy walking through a forest with panels dedicated to showing flowers or a solitary bird sitting on a branch.

Another lovely design choice is his use of color, or more specifically, Dave Stewart’s use of color. His backgrounds and other characters tend to have a desaturated palette while Hellboy, and Hellboy alone, has a pure vibrant red. This sets his character apart on the page and makes him special. Excellent design choice.

Finally, Mike’s cover design capabilities. Me and my comic nerd buddies tend to make fun whenever we see a new Hellboy cover “Oh, there’s Hellboy standing in a plume of smoke again with heads and skulls behind him!” but it’s always kind-hearted. Mignola takes great care in constructing the elements of his covers, pulling cues from the story and arranging them with interest and atmosphere. Beautiful stuff.

If you are familiar with Hellboy, keep rockin’. If not, might I suggest checking out the short story entitled “The Corpse” for a wonderful example of Mignola’s art and pacing.

Signalnoise Broadcast 6

For everyone who missed the last broadcast, here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 6 for you to check out. As always, it was a great turn-out with a bunch of wonderful questions. We discussed lots of design stuff, processes, some technical things and lots of other topics.

Thanks again to everyone who tunes into the broadcasts. You truly make these things enjoyable to do.

PS. Sorry about the long silence at the beginning. Ustream froze, yet still managed to capture my “what the hell?” moment. Sheesh.

Broadcast: The Signalnoise art show

• Just finished hanging all my art at Resistor Gallery.

• Canvas prints all hung up.

• The "Cleopatron" art show poster printed to canvas.

• "La Femme" printed to canvas.

• Every table had a pile of little freebies, including stickers and cards.

• A great crowd to hang out with.

• Here's me and pal Nicolas Girard, Goodmorningstranger.com. Metalheads unite.

• Skratch Bastid provided the tunes for the entire evening. He put on an amazing show.

On April 25th at Resistor Gallery in Toronto I had my very first art show entitled Broadcast: The art of James White where I displayed 13 of my works. It was a great time preparing all of the little things that come along with such an endeavor, and I’m happy to say I hit no snags along the way. The folks at Resistor, namely Kim and Ron were excellent to deal with and I owe them both a huge thanks for making this such a great experience.

In order to make my posters a bit different for this unique occasion, I decided to get the designs printed to canvas. They were printed in Toronto and shipped directly to the gallery, so I didn’t actually see them until I arrived and set about hanging them. A rather reckless method of going about this thing, but I was ecstatic when I saw the quality of printing. I had never seen my work on canvas and the texture breathed new life into my work, not at all what I was expecting.

The doors opened at 7pm and I was very happy to see a constantly changing crowd as the night went on. I saw the faces of old friends and industry colleagues, and had the pleasure of meeting a tonne of new people who came by. All in all, a wonderful evening which found me quite overwhelmed with support. Thanks so much to everyone who made the time to come by, it is greatly appreciated!

I would like to pass on a big thank-you to Nick Campbell, the Grey Scale Gorilla. Nick was nice enough to create the excellent retro Signalnoise logo animation which looped on the television screens all evening, it looked like something out of the 70s. You rock, Nick! Check it out:

Another massive thank-you to the ever-talented Skratch Bastid for providing the killer jams throughout the evening. He kept the mood and atmosphere super fun with his musical stylings, as well as put on one hell of a turntable show later on. He even catered to my one ridiculous request by playing some Iron Maiden. Nobody can stop you, Skratch!

Last but not least, big thanks to my pal Chris Toms for snapping a tonne of photos throughout the evening, some of which you will see in this post. Thanks Chris!

If you missed the opening reception, my work will remain on display until May 25th at Resistor Gallery, 284 College Street in Toronto.

Nature by Numbers

A beautifully executed motion piece entitled ‘Nature by Numbers’ created by Cristobal Vila. Stunning visuals utilizing geometry, nature, Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, Delaunay, Voronoi, etc. Essentially, the natural forces that bind the material world together.

If this film wasn’t enough check out the theory behind this movie to dive further into the rabbit hole.

Signalnoise Broadcast 6: May 5, 2pm EST

In an effort to have these things more frequently, I will be holding Signalnoise Broadcast 6 this coming Wednesday afternoon, May 5th at 2pm EST. Swing on by to talk art, design, process and other things.

I will be sure to announce the broadcast with plenty of time via my Twitter, along with the link to tune in. As always, if you want to ask a question but are unable to attend, just drop the question as a comment on this post and I’ll be sure to address it during the broadcast.

It should be a great time. Hope to see you there!