Cosmonauts by Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes

Ive really been enjoying the paint work of Jeremy Geddes. Nice clean lines and somber images of cosmonauts floating in space and urban scenes. I particularly like the topmost image, really like to have that one hanging in the living room.

Jeremy has a wonderful way of melding the past with the present. His cosmonauts have a certain 2001: A Space Odyssey flavor brought to modern street scenes, a strange but wonderful displacement

To see more of this talent, swing by Jeremy’s website, or drop him a comment on his blog.


    You’d probably enjoy this work by pacman23 at deviantART.

  2. You are so right, Jeremy Geddes work is truly awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  3. @Mike just because it has a space man in that piece by Pacman23 doesn’t mean it has the same art style to Jeremy Geddes work.

    I am in love with the first picture, it just looks amzing James. Thanks for sharing this artist.

    I come to your blog everyday, I love your style, and your taste in other artists.

  4. This is SooOOooo Legitimate :)

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