Dust storm photos by Gavin Marchio

Gavin Marchio

Gavin Marchio

Gavin Marchio

Gavin Marchio

Gavin Marchio

I came across these beautiful photos by Gavin Marchio while running around Ffffound last night. These were taken during the big dust storm that hit Sydney, Australia earlier this year. Simply dumbstruck by these photos, the rich orange hue with the bridge, you can’t get any more sci-fi then that.

Swing over to Gavin Marchio’s Flickr stream for more of his work.


  1. Have to agree. These shots are out of this world!

  2. Who needs cgi for sci fi :) cool shots

  3. Yeah – it was almost that bad in Brisbane. It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced.

  4. Sleektone

    whoa :O
    Is it realy like that when a sand storm occur? I’ld be scared as hell if everything were overlayed by a gradient map made of red and orange right outside of my house :D

  5. @Sleektone.

    Yeah it was pretty random, I came outside at 4am after a long night’s work in my room and everything was orange.

    The following day was terrible. My car and house needed a wash bad :(.

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