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I’ve been a fan of Mark Weaver’s work for some time now, and did a post about his work a little while back. Since then, Mark has been outputting some beautiful stuff and I thought a second post was in order.

Beautiful palettes, excellent blend of photo, type and design. Love the typefaces used here, I think I spot Futura, Trade Gothic . . . maybe Akzidenz Grotesk?

Check out more of Mark’s portfolio on his Flickr stream, or his official site.


  1. Dan

    Whoa, that first one is awesome. The green tinge to the sky, the mountain that looks like a model, and the wireframe globe give me a Sean Connery era James Bond impression.

  2. wow.. these are beautiful!

  3. Weaver evokes a really unique mood, I love it!

  4. eric

    everybody loves weaver.

    and for good reason.

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