Signalnoise Broadcast no. 2

For those who were unable to tune in live, here is the recorded version of the Signalnoise Broadcast no. 2. This time around I had a better microphone (thanks to Rock Band), and my good pal Chris Toms did the job of vetting questions so I didn’t miss any of the chat box action. Thanks Chris!

Once again, the session was lots of fun and we covered topics such as inspirations, exposure, advice, specific client works and lots of other things. Chris tells me I had a posse of about 80 people at any one time and a total of 400 people who tuned in. Big thanks to everyone who dropped by and made with the questions, you’re all awesome.


  1. Deiby

    this is cool+informative, thanks for posting the recording :)

  2. Thanks very much for posting the recording. I really appreciate what you’re sharing here. I’ll be sure to tune in next time.

  3. Hey, enjoyed this – insightful.

  4. Wambui

    Hi your broadcasts are uber interesting. I’m hoping I can make it for your next one!!

  5. Just found (you’re one of my contacts in FlickR) and heard during my design work in my workplace – that was an intresting broadcast, a bit too much laugh, but very usable. Thinking about too post it later in my hungarian design community page:

    Can you drop me a letter next time you do a broadcast? Ehh, I see it later just as now, too much time delay :-)

  6. …and a little advice: less “AWESOME” :-)

  7. I just putted out a news from your broadcast to

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