Van and Space Race clothing designs

Signalnoise Apparel by James White

Signalnoise Apparel by James White

Here are a couple more shirt designs I have been working on over the past few weeks. These stemmed from a client job I was working on about a month ago, and are still in the ‘work in progress’ realm as I tweak and change things. It’s been a little while since I did any illustration work, so it was lots of fun to do some vector work to this capacity.

The inspiration for both of these designs came from old iron-on shirt designs from the 1970s.


  1. Aw, now that you’ve shown them I want shirts and stickers.

  2. Are you going to screen print your shirts or use that great shiny applique heat transfer technique? Not sure exactly what it was, but some of my favorite tees from my youth had these transfer graphics.

    Can’t wait for the shirts to hit your store.

  3. Lukelux

    I like have you make use of light! It’s so clean. I really enjoy your work.

  4. Love these! They totally remind me of those old tee shirts and lunch box stickers! It’s like Fat Albert and the A-Team all wrapped into one. Very cool.

  5. David

    Cool designs! Great work James :D

  6. puff

    Those are awesome and clearly show their nostalgic inspiration.

    Would love those t-shirts.

  7. Man, you should seriously consider getting some of those old metal lunchboxes made with these designs embossed onto them. Think of the insane coolness that would be!

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