Tron Legacy for your iPhone

Tron Legacy iPhone wallpaper by James White

It’s been some time since I uploaded any iPhone wallpapers to the blog, and I’ve had a few requests to make this one available.

So, here is my Tron Legacy poster design cropped to fit the display of your iPhone, feel free to download it here and add some sci-fi Disney color to your favorite handheld. Enjoy!


  1. Nice job, i like it! By the way, why don’t you make a mobile version of yout blog??!

  2. ghost

    Any chance for a desktop wallpaper? :)

  3. testy

    Yeah, a desktop wallpaper would be awesome!

  4. A Desktop-Version would be awesome :D

  5. brawler

    A desktop wallpaper please!!!

  6. Gordon W

    Trying to submit a query to James but there is no submit button on the submission form? Or email to contact?

  7. Hope you don’t think this is cheeky James but there a rather nice Tron wallpaper here:


  8. james (Author)

    Thanks very much for all the kind words everyone. Glad to see you are enjoying the wallpaper, and I’ll see what I can do to get a larger version together for those interested.

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