Pop painting by Scott King

The Pop by Scott King

Simply love this painting Scott King created for ThePop.com. It seems to have only been used as a holding page for the site, which is a bit of a shame. Beautiful logo rendering, perfect contrast to the natural seascape.

Check out the epic version right here.

VH1 Latin America rebrand

Last year I was contracted by VH1 Latin America to develop some style boards for their upcoming network rebrand. MTV really wanted to push a retro/modern theme using bright colors inspired by those network ids from the 1970s, so I had a great time developing some artwork for them to use throughout the campaign.

The video above is a compilation of all the motion work created by the talented folks at Laundrymat in Los Angeles. The static elements I contributed were really brought to life by these guys, you can see my linework in the beginning and end portions of the video. They even used one of my designs for the background of their website :)

I was also blown away by the other talent VH1 recruited to provide styles and illustration for the campaign. If anyone knows who contributed to this project I’d love to get some links posted to their work.