Pastel Triangles

Pastel Triangles by James White

Here is a new image I was playing with last week, simply entitled Pastel Triangles. This was a little study I created to look at shape overlays using a color palette I’m not overly familiar with. I started with one triangle and proceeded to duplicate it over and over to see how much interest I could get in there.

I’ve been digging the work of Matt W. Moore lately, and his ‘vector funk’ influence is certainly in this piece.

This PSD file will be part of the Signalnoise Source release once the project is ready to roll out.


  1. Oscar Martell


  2. I stared at this for far too long. Awesome work!

  3. Thomas

    Obey and james white, two
    thieves of the 21 century.

  4. Nice stuff as usual James – looking forward to the Source disc, when it’s available.

  5. Josh

    Nice work, James.

    The end result looks so simple, yet I wouldn’t have a clue on how to create it, so I’m definitely looking forward to the Signalnoise Source DVD.

  6. Cameron

    I love it, i find myself staring at it! How did you decide on the colours? It’s so clever and simplistic! Roll on the DVD! Will there be a walk through or description of how you came to your finial pieces?

  7. Really nice, colours are great – gonna have to try something like it myself an see how I get on.

  8. Nice design study. I always enjoy taking some time to experiment with new techniques, tools, colors, equipment, etc. It’s cool to get a little look inside your head, too!

  9. Ron

    Wow, you must feel proud … these guys animated your style and graphic elements beautifully, lots of different styles in the whole montage of promos here, very nice stuff.

  10. Lauren

    Agree with Josh! It is so effective and simple but really cannot figure out how you did it!

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