Signalnoise Twitter: 5-minute contest!

Signalnoise Twitter contest

This contest will remain live for 5 minutes as announced on my Twitter. Just drop me a comment on this post to be entered into a draw to win a poster of your choice from the Signalnoise Store. In-stock posters only.

Tick tock, no time to lose!

Update: Comments closed. Thanks to all who entered.


  1. Ray

    I wanna be in the contest..!

  2. Twitter Contest! Good luck everyone!

  3. I’m so in. Great idea!

  4. Will Hopkins

    Contests Rock Yay!

  5. Kyle Theisen

    Awesome, would love to have one of your posters on my wall!

  6. Cathy C

    Love twitter contests ;o)

  7. I definetely want one. :)

  8. Nathan

    I’m in!


  10. Brad Zimmerman

    i hope this comment works

  11. Good luck everyone :)
    Nice Contest !

  12. ding ding ding.

  13. Chris

    A 5 minute contest, I like it!!

  14. This contest is turbo!

  15. TR0M

    boo yeah

  16. You should send me a poster anyway, but count me in.

  17. Poster please..

  18. Done. Fun. In the sun!

  19. kate


  20. i’m in, your posters are great!

  21. Ding ding – sign me up :-)


  22. Daan

    Hi James. Awesome idea!

    Good luck everyone!

  23. i’m in, fingers crossed.

  24. LV

    I think I’m too late!..

  25. Phil

    what a cool idea!

  26. let’s do this!