Signalnoise ‘Beast’ wallpaper

Signalnoise Beast wallpaper

It’s been a little while since I offered any wallpapers on the site, so I decided to make this one available for download. I’m the first to admit, I’m seriously fussy when it comes to the desktop of my computer. I need my wallpaper simple and all my files tucked away.

When I first got my new Macbook Pro I wanted to design a simple wallpaper I would be content with, and obviously something that has my logo included. As it turned out, that’s all it turned out to be :) I named the wallpaper ‘Beast’ after my Macbook Pro who has been sporting the wallpaper for the past month or so, he’s a real champ. Here are the links:

1280 x 800
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900
1920 x 1200

So if you want a change for your desktop, grab the new Beast wallpaper. logo logo by James White logo by James White

Before heading off to FITC Toronto last month with my pal Chris Toms, I spent some time designing business cards for us to distribute during the event. Chris was in the process of putting his photography site together and asked if I’d be interested in designing the logo.

The little badass radish was born out of a combination of vegetation, tribal masks, Playmobil and Super Mario Bros. He needed something that would sit nicely on his site, and look great on a shirt, plus I’m a sucker for funny little characters like this.

Swing by and say hello to Chris :)

Coming soon: The Signalnoise Source

Signalnoise Source by James White

It’s been a little while since I talked about what personal projects I have been working on, so I wanted to dedicate a post to just that. I’ve had a few freelance gigs and travel plans on the go over the past month or so which left me with little time to flush out my own work, but the ideas have been spinning and I’m excited to be at a point where I can talk about what’s coming up.

While attending FITC Toronto last month something important was said by Zachary Lieberman and Golan Levin during their presentation Art, Gesture, Computation, Framework. The quote was repeated throughout other presentations during the event:

“D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) is great, but I prefer D.I.W.O. which means Do It With Others.”

Great point there. Since the event I have been trying to map out a project where others can dissect from what I do, and learn by example. A tricky task given my main outlet of contact with the creative community is via the web.

Signalnoise Source by James White

So I have begun work on something I’m really excited to get out there, entitled The Signalnoise Source: Vol. 1. This is a DVD release I have been working on over the past bit and will contain around 10 PSD files of compositions (and maybe a few other goodies) at 100dpi with all layers and effects intact for users to see how I go about building my work. My poster PSDs will not be included, the files will be custom-made for this release and maybe a few other pieces I have kicking around the hard drive. A couple of examples can be seen above.

The sole purpose of The Signalnoise Source DVD set is to help others, it’s as simple as that. I’m going to try and get as much cool stuff as I can on there, as this is something I’ve never had the opportunity to pursue before. The price tag is still up in there air as yet.

Stay tuned as I continue work on this, I’ll keep you posted and I can’t wait to get this into the Signalnoise Store, and furthermore into peoples’ hands.

Inspiration: John Berkley

John Berkley

John Berkley

John Berkley

Beautifully rendered ship and space scenes by the talented John Berkley. Really enjoying John’s painterly style, and how he manages to sneak in so many vibrant colors into the ships’ face, blasters and thrusters.I would love to have that second image hanging on my wall.

I was unable to find an official site for John, but check out this massive gallery. Amazing.

Network poster now available

Network by James White

I’m happy to announce the Network poster has now arrived at the Signalnoise Store. I have a limited initial run of this poster available, so feel free to swing by the shop if you are interested.

Remember, you can take advantage of the 20% off sale until this Saturday, May 23. Just use the coupon code ‘SKYE’ upon ordering.

Save now at the Signalnoise Store

Signalnoise Store sale

From now until this coming Saturday, May 23, save 20% on all remaining stock at the Signalnoise Store. Just swing by the shop and use the coupon code ‘SKYE’ to get your purchase cost reduced.

I will be doing reprints in the near future as my numbers are fairly low, so if you are interested in purchasing now is the time in case of a sell-out :)

Inspiration: Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Stas Polyakov

Elegant poster designs entitled ‘Music requires tender handling’ by Russian designer Stas Polyakov. Beautiful linework on the vinyls, and sharp color choices.

“Music likes to be dressed up, be tidy and live in a cosy place where nothing can disturb it’s safety”

Check out more of Stas’ diverse work on his personal site and his Flickr stream.

Signalnoise and Boing Boing Gadgets

James White on Boing Boing Gadgets

I was recently contacted by the minds behind the mighty Boing Boing to help them add a bit of graphic spice to their newly redesigned Gadgets website. The guys wanted something that would hit the retro vibe while keeping a very modern technological feel.

So I created a little spectrum design based on my Commodore 64 poster, and it currently resides on their new Boing Boing Gadgets website. You can check out their launch post here.