Network poster giveaway!

Network poster Giveaway:

My Network poster will soon be added to the Signalnoise Store, but I wanted to do a pre-release giveaway before making it available for purchase. So, here is your chance to win the first copy of Network at 18″ x 24″ on semi-gloss poster stock.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post and be sure to include your email address so I can contact the winner. Additionally, drop one or two links in there to websites you follow for art and design-related inspiration. I like discovering new art-culture websites, and this would be a good time to spread the word to others. The winner will be picked via a random number generator I built. No foolin’ :)

I am off to FITC Toronto on Friday so I will leave this contest open until I return on Wednesday, April 29th. Only one comment per person please, multiple comments will be omitted. Good luck!


  1. canute

    really nice work


  2. Hey James! This is me entering your contest.

    A cool photographer that I check out is hes big on horror and what not. Great blog too.



  3. Freakin love the new poster. :::fingers crossed:::

    Check out “The Collection” over on Hell Yeah Dude

    Also I’m slowly putting together some inspirational material of my own:


  4. agreed, very nice! I’m posting a link I found on fubiz actually,
    and i like to make film, so:

  5. jochde

    looks awesome, still admire the smooth shading your work always has. do you work on these as 16 bit or 8 bit?

  6. Great poster!

  7. Nicely done. Love the *sparkle!*

    If you’re a fan of architectural design as well, you’ll love

  8. Andrés

    Hi James, as I said in your flickr, AWESOME WORK dude, keep it going while I pray to win your poster!!! wooohoooooo!!!

  9. hmmm….


    cheers, mate.

  10. Catherine T.

    Oh yeah, canute, you wrote much.
    Well, I think, the best thing in this poster is that it’s beautifull while pretty simple. Good luck guys, I have no chances as always. Also I can do a poster by myself so… just good luck. It is a nice piece to decorate your space.

    P.S. I’m used to check and (especially it’s forum) but it’s in russian so it won’t be usefull for you as it is for me. You can find there many tuts translated into russian.

  11. Oh well, yesterday I thought about hanging up a nice poster on my wall and today I get the chance to win a really beautiful one… :)

    I’m more into photography, so I recommend one of my favorite artists, Michael Tarasov:
    Usually I’m just browsing around Flickr and deviantART for inspiration.

  12., what else?

  13. Great work as always, James. When can we buy some Orbinauts toys?

    I recently discovered Design Porn which, in addition to the grinningly clever category names, serves up a wide range of inspiring new work.

  14. vegazvegaz

    Very very very great poster!
    I want it!

  15. Hey, mate!

    The Gurney Journey : is one of the greatest art blogs around. He’s primarily illustration, but he discusses lighting and composition as well.

    Off the top of my head, Toxel : is great for random lists and collections of cool and usually well- (or at least interestingly-) designed stuff.

  16. Rob

    British design blog thing.

  17. Always loving your work, James. So slick!
    Here’s a couple I go to for inspiration (besides your own :))

  18. Kyle Theisen

    Awesome poster James. Two sites I check out have already been listed but here they are again: &

  19. Jamie

    Fantastic colours, would really like this one to brighten up the living room!

  20. I would be so excited if I won this. Your artwork is inspires me.

    As far as websites go … I like to follow – –


  21. Mike Brisk

    One poster that’s worth purchasing even if you don’t win! and are a few design resources I found.

  22. Amazing Poster! That would look awesome right above my TV.

    I love looking at stuff on

  23. Ray


    James, I thought I’d drop a few links of typography websites that I regularly read. Hope you like em, oh and thanks for the twitter followers. Again.


    Enjoy mate :)


  24. Doug

    Looks nice, hope I win.

  25. dave


    my, second, favourite for inspiration,

  26. Hi there James. Awesome poster.

    As for art-culture websites, I frequent many including yours, but here are two;

  27. I like looking through portfolio sites, I find them quite inspiring.. whether it’s an individual or a small shop – or even a big company.

    Here is one:

    I also like flickr (sometimes) for inspiration. Here is a link to Paul Octavious (Dunny):

    Thanks for being good at stuff, James!

  28. Buky

    great piece, would make my home office so much fresher.

    link to animation arts, some great stuff there

  29. Amazing work, as always. is one of my favorite places for (random) inspiration.

  30. Matt

    Awesome stuff.

    I really like looking at, its really cool to look at so many different sketches and drawings.

  31. My wall would look awesome with a little James White on it (meaning the poster, not a miniature version of yourself haha)

    Big fan of and
    Recently started checking out

  32. That’s a great looking poster.

    I actually spend a good amount of time on looking at the poster art on there.

  33. Well done mate;) Awesome work as always.

    I always check everyday because every 10-15 minutes something new will come.

    This one is awesome as well but it’s not in english

    This is really useful for web + design + inspiration + info

    my email is


  34. Sam


    Things I like. Happiest art in the world:
    and wonderful artist Graham Annable:

  35. Benjamin Alijagić

    Amazing poster!

  36. Great idea !

    I won’t be to original but I really like this blogs about design :

    Fubiz (♥ blog about many kind of art).
    Scott Hansen blog
    Ars Thanea Blog is also a great blog.
    I’m also a big fan of SmashingMag, & Abduzeedo (and some other good blogs), but everyone know them :)

  37. Here’s some art / artist websites that are probably well-known, but we’ll see:

    Love your work!

  38. Michael Faber

    Another good reference for design knowledge and inspiration would be Khoi Vinh’s site


  39. Great poster. I’ve been following your work for a long time, I think this is my first comment. You’re a great source of inspiration!

  40. Hi James,
    Awesome poster, would love to have it!As for some links;

  41. This is a hott poster.

    I am a big fan of:

  42. color defined by the beauty of shadow is given through the visual art of the once new television. The network defined is given a spectrum of majestic vibrance through the art of tablet pen to LCD. We now live where interlaced means old and square is the new new. Bring to life what is past the numb stare of the tube a find a new social breath in the channels of web.

    Your work is brilliant.

  43. grrr.. i think my last post is in the spamfilter

    my links are (Invite-based ImageBookmarking, similar to found)
    and (daily awesomeness)

    so… send me the poster! :)

  44. Lee Anne Zipagan

    good ones are

  45. I just found this website and think the work is amazing:

  46. I really love your work

    my links are: – Justin Maller blog – design twittersss

  47. Devin

    One of the BEST websites out there:
    And another goody:

    Good for essays too.

  48. A giant panda should be holding that television – but I digress, that’s quite a spiffy poster you’ve got there. :)

    Three from muh’Google Reader:

    And for the bonus round:

    I’m trench and I approve of this message.
    (Yes, even the smiley.)

  49. Beautiful :)
    your art always make me smile :)

  50. Love the work, always an inspiration!

  51. Neevo

    Love the living colors, this would look great in my ugly room.

  52. Tarazz

    Sweet Poster! (dont remember how many f’s there are) (awesome!) (ofcourse)

  53. Love your work and blog. Visit it on a weekly basis. Here are a couple other sites I frequent:

  54. Very nice piece. Would be great next to my Hendrix poster.


  55. Love the poster, also I got some really nice sites bookmarked from the comments. : ) Thanks~

  56. Love the new one man, good job! Retro colors and theme’s will never die!

    Check out these links man:

    Hope they cause some inspiration!

  57. Beside my feed reader with about 150 design related feeds I find a lot of information on Awesome for that and spending time on the interwebs! :)

    Cheers from bonn,
    thx for the contest,

  58. By the way, james, could you be so kind and give us a nice round up of the inspiration sources postet here? THANKS!

  59. Love the poster, awesome job!

    Don’t know if i can contribute any links that haven’t already been said:

    i’m also very much into photography, and check flickr a lot.

  60. Looks great, James!

    Just a couple of my favorite haunts: – home of James Jean, of course. – great blog with an historical illustration bent. – “daily drugs for artsy people”

    gustaf… (@botched on twitter)

  61. Jonathan Palmisano

    The poster looks fantastic! Would love to have one!

    I love to look at the work of Greg Simkins: and Alex Pardee: when I’m in an artistic rut. I also enjoy a lot of the randomnly cool things that get made and posted on

  62. Justin

    Love Love Love It!

    Would love to have this!
    Thank you James for all your awesome.

    p.s. the debit card idea with the Protostar looks awesome! I still need to get a picture up to show you what it looks like, but it’s definitely rad.

  63. Emma B

    Another fantastic instantly recognisable masterpiece from yourself!

    You are one of my biggest inspirations, and the very reason I began experimenting with Photoshop, I am now officially addicted to digital design and here are some of the places I find my daily inspiration (amazing retouch and manipulation) (ofcourse)

  64. I would love a copy of this poster!!!!
    I regularly find myself enjoying The House Industries Show an Tell @
    Also, for some retro-styled illustration inspiration check out htt://

  65. Cathy

    best random inspiration!

  66. Awesome stuff!

    Listen to great stories while you work!

  67. Kate

    love this poster…it would look amazing on my wall! =)

    i check daily I also check out the user showcase groups on flickr from bittbox and fudgegraphics

  68. is the best. flickr is great to to find all kind of great stuff.

  69. Awesome poster as always James!

    My two favorite sites for inspiration right now are:

  70. Emma Boyes

    What a fantastic use of retro styling and colours, another instantly recognisable James White masterpiece!

    I love your work, you are my biggest inspiration and the very reason I started using Photoshop, I am now officially addicted to the digital arts and spend all my spare time experimenting and trying to find my OWN individual style

    Check out these:
    The rest you know all about as I follow you on them..
    Best wishes, Ive got everything crossed!

  71. Awesome poster!


    Here are a few cool sites I check on a regular basis.

  72. Dean

    Fantastic work yet again, the whole spectrum of colours work nicely together.

    I’ve been wondering around hundreds of blogs for quite sometime, one of the best and most inspirational blogs I’ve come across, that I would recommend anyone with a design instinct of visiting is:

  73. Man that is awesome! is amazing for all types of inspiration

    also is my other go to when looking for new ideas.

  74. Rob

    Inspiring. The signalnoise signature of the colour spectrum is unmistakable.

    Great work James.

  75. Benjamin

    Let’s hope I win ;)

    I recommend you to check and

  76. Love your work, would look great on my wall above my workspace.

    Inspiration all the time!

  77. Christopher Jones

    been a fan of your work for a while now,

    and Network is such an awesome movie too

  78. Karen

    Nice poster! I’d love to get one :)

    I usually check:

  79. John Koski

    I always turn to for inspiration, but I bet you already do too :)

  80. My bach

    I love your work! You’re really a color bender XD

  81. Nice! SignalNoise rLz! I visit for inspiration.

  82. Your work is very pleasing to look at :]
    This site reminds me of how my design teacher would show us random images and art.
    Rob Chiu has always been one of my favorite motion artist to fallow.

  83. Diego Ante

    Hi, as always I’m delighted with your work, I love how you keep using the retro style and the lightning. Thank you for your art, it will always be a pleasure to have it.

    Now the links. I strongly recommend:

  84. Of course, your work is awesome.
    If it wasn’t, we all wouldn’t be here lol.

    Some sites I visit are (though I still can’t get an invite anywhere…), (packaging design) and

  85. Alex Setiawan

    Wow, I can almost imagine the poster hanging on my room’s wall :P
    Always an inspiration Mr.James White..good job..!!

  86. Chris Reardon

    Def check out

    And I hope I win…

    -thats what she said.

  87. I love this poster!
    And i love your work james.

  88. jhughes92

    Your work is amazing! This poster is legit!

    Anyways… here is a cool website that I subscribe to:

  89. amy

    Great poster, James – Thanks for the chance!

    I enjoy your blog a bunch. And regularly check out
    and, as others have mentioned:

    Enjoy Toronto!

  90. I highly recommend

    Great work on the poster!

  91. Jimmy

    I really admire your work! I enjoy this site:

  92. Landon Rohatensky

    I loove you!

    And I’m pretty generic with design blogs…

    All great stuff.

  93. Fellow Canadian here and long-time fan/follower of your work! I probably don’t stand a chance at winning but just wanted to finally drop by and say, keep up the good work!

  94. Robert

    Great poster, probably this is the one i like best, well, maybe “Musica viva” would be a competition for this title. Great work. Cheers

  95. I love
    both awesome.

  96. Nice work as always James.

    One of my favs:

  97. Regan Marshall

    The only posters I have at home are Signal Noise posters and my girlfriend has Dali prints.

    Nothing against Dali but your posters are way cooler.


  98. laurin

    another awesome work.. so bright and colorful!

    the office i work in… graphic and exhibitiondesign:

    a site with daily inspirations and tutorials:

    a very talented graphic designer:

  99. Neil Woodyatt

    Things that make you go hmm…

    Cool poster loving the retro styling.

    Great Work.

  100. That’s an awesome work. You are inspiration for many artists.
    I read a tutoria about retrol, there’s a photoshop brush set inspired by your work on these two sites

  101. Peckes

    Yay great poster!
    I don’t know much about the kind of art you’re working at.
    My job is just drawing and planing buildings (second year of apprenticeship as a draftsman in construction engineering).

    Balls out

  102. Bram Van Quickenborne

    Awesome work!

    Source of inspiration:


  103. castlenes

    awesome work.

    I did your computer arts tutorial, mine was not as cool.

    have a great day!

  104. Andrew

    What a great idea James, I really hope I have better luck with your random number generator than i do with the 649 lottery balls :)

    Some design/web sites I follow…

  105. Give me a J Give me a A Give me a M Give me a E Give me a S Give me a W Give me a H Give me a I Give me a T Give me a E – JAMES WHITE

  106. Abe

    Random number generators are my friends!

  107. Checking out your website on a regular basis, but honestly have to admit I’m mostly too lazy to leave a comment. However I’m not this time, because it would totally kick ass to have a chance at getting such an awesome poster!

    Anyhow for the inspirational part, a few websites that keep my RSS reader updated besides yours (I know sounds kiss-ass doesn’t it?);

  108. vikram

    Truly inspirational site!!Site rocks!!

  109. I’d love to win this poster :)

  110. I would love to get me hands on that poster!

  111. Zack

    Freaking awesome work. I needs me some rainbowy goodness! :D

  112. Wow, great work.. a beautiful splash of colour!

  113. Hello from France,

    I love your work, for inspiration check

    i’m sure it will suit your needs,

    Have a great day


  114. Shelby White

    Would love to win a poster!


  116. oz

    Yo! this is my entry, I’m Oz. Found you when you were featured on i’d love a poster! may the gods have your generator pick my number. booyah!

  117. Fan of your work for some time.

    My good friend does all of the art and design for my companies.

  118. I love ‘Network’ poster, not mentioning how great it would look in my living room :-D
    but let’s get back to business, I recommend:
    and maybe more musically:

  119. Philldo

    Thanks for the great work and all these great links

  120. Zack

    winning this would probably necessitate me going out and watching the movie, but I’m ok with that.

    I fear I have little to offer in the way of new inspirational sources for you, but I’ll give it a shot:
    if you dont know what an ambigram is, you should.
    random illustration:
    friends design blog, design with social conscience:


  121. Donna

    The new poster is amazing. Check out Alex Grey on facebook……….a friend of a friend.

  122. Tomasz

    Abduzeedo as all of you :P
    also Yay Everyday, Designious Times, Inspiredology.
    And that’s all

  123. Awesome new work as usual. Would look lovely on my blank new wall in the office.

    For great craft / handmade inspiration check out sleepdreamplay on etsy

  124. Viktor Olofsson

    This is where i will by my art that will be on my walls when i move away from home :D

    I get my insperation from photography so this is the best i can do

    but then there is this please to

  125. hello mate! this is me entering the magical competition!!

  126. zero+

    hey i love your work
    i try to do your tutorial The O series.
    and i always visit your site yuo are an inspiration

    i want the poster is awesom i hope to win =(
    visit :

  127. Malik Klc

    Oh dear, I’ve made quite a mess.

  128. I saw this on Smashing Magazine a few days ago… LOVE IT! I hope I win it and hope you will sign it too! Probably aware of this guy but he does great stuff… Scott Hansen

  129. Doh. Just saw you are a fan of Scott Hansen… here is another…

  130. I could be a narcissist and tell you to check out my blog… ohhh what the hell:

    It’s cool I promise.

  131. Steven Cornfield

    gosh theres a lot of comments on here… … if you havent already got enough inspiration from the sites above.

  132. Sylvia

    Wonderful work you did on this poster; it gets me nostalgic for TV from the 70’s.

    Check out and

    Cheers, S

  133. Paul

    Love your work!

  134. neil loehlein

    can i say that “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”? i remember watching the network for a college social sciences class….fun movie.

  135. Dave

    Thanks for the giveaway, I hope I win.

  136. Thanx for this, man, you rock!!

    Some inspiration:

    Good luck for everyone!!

  137. love your work

    almost all the sites i follow are listed above.

    a great site:

    and here’s another one: