Inspiration: Iron Maiden, Pt. 1

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  1. I’m realizing now that I never thought of looking for Riggs personal portfolio online and always used google instead. It’s rare you can find big images like his on artists portfolio. thanks for that!

  2. HA! Looks who is on twitter now. I knew you would come over the “dark side” James. What are you twittering about – that cup of coffee you’re drinking? I think I deserve a follow because I have been pushing your twitter adoption for a while now

  3. I used to stare at the cover art for “Somewhere in Time” for hours, picking out weird details like “Blade Runner” on the movie marquee, or the grim reaper perched on a rooftop.

    One of these days, I’m gonna get around to writing up my Iron Maiden graphic novel idea…then I just have to find out who to pitch it to. Bruce Dickinson, I guess?

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