Twitter icon for Inspired Magazine

The Blue Tweagle at Inspired Magazine

The kind folks over at Inspired Magazine asked me to create a custom Twitter icon to be included in their Social Bird icon set. Great little set with some wonderfully creative little birds designed by some very talented illustrators. I named mine The Blue Tweagle.

Swing over to the post at Inspired Magazine to view and download the whole set.


  1. Pretty cool!
    the eyes looks a bit too angry and serious

  2. That’s because Tweagles by nature are aggressive creatures and only show happiness when eating souls.

  3. That would have looked dope on the hood of my 1980 Oldsmobile.

  4. Andrew

    I love it, Great work James!

    I would have guessed “Poccuagami” by Chris Maier was yours if the names weren’t under the submissions on the Inspired site. There are some real cool icons over there.

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