New posters: Rock 77 and Gasoline Morning

Signalnoise Store: James White

I’m happy to announce the two new additions to the Signalnoise Store. Rock 77 and Gasoline Morning are now available to purchase at 18 x 24, printed on semi-gloss poster stock.

Swing over to the Signalnoise Store for more details.


  1. Oh…very nice work James!

    But the link to the webstore doesn’t work… (“http:///”).

  2. james (Author)

    Thanks for the heads up, Stefan! All fixed.

  3. i like the rock77 !

  4. Dig them both! Dig the photo as well, chairs accent it nicely.

  5. yay! I really want the rock 77 poster!

  6. Word up. As we have discussed, I’m still down for some Rock 77. Do you want me to order it from here or just pay you the next time I’m down? I’m fine either way. But I figure there’s no need to involve Canada Post in our dealings.

  7. Someday… when I have more wall space, I will own a print of yours.

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