Signalnoise on Twitter

Signalnoise on Twitter

I have set up an account over at Twitter and am currently learning the ins and outs of this popular social networking tool. It took me a while to jump onboard, but better late then never :)

So if you are an avid Tweeter (that’s the term the kids are using, right?) feel free to swing by the Signalnoise Twitter page to follow my updates.


  1. WELCOME! This is great news! Twitter sphere just turned even a bit more interesting! @juanmateixido

  2. Dropping by Juanma’s tweet, it’s a shame that I didn’t discover your site earlier on. Your works are just gorgeous and elegant :) welcome to twitter, by the way!

  3. Welcome! /@frebro :)

  4. james (Author)

    Thanks so much, everyone. Happy to be part of another communication sphere. Great to see so many familiar faces.

  5. I hear ya, man! I just joined Twitter about a month ago. It’s already getting addictive, too!

  6. wow….what’s with Twitter these days? It’s becoming more popular in the beginning of 2009.

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