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  1. Hey, I’d love to know what you think of your host in terms of how they handle WordPress. I do a lot of WordPress development, and am always looking for good and bad experiences from other people.

    FYI, I just launched a new WordPress site using Bluehost, and so far they’ve been fast and friendly. FatCow is friendly, but slow; Network Solutions is going downhill fast, StartLogic is slow.

    Thanks, and I hope you’re able to get to a resolution quickly. I know how irritating it is to not be able to count on reliable hosting.

  2. Thanks for the advice Joseph. You’re right, this weekend was painful as I sat and waiting for things to be resolved. Pretty helpless situation.

    I’m currently being hosted by Mediatemple, and while they are very specific about catering to the online creative community, I tend to experience sporadic downtime every now and then.

    If I start looking into a new plan I will keep your thoughts in mind. Thanks man!

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