The Black Glass I and II

The Black Glass by James White

The Black Glass by James White

I have been spending some time researching photos of industrial decay recently, images of abandoned factories and warehouses that have been left at the mercy of nature. The work of people reclaimed by the land they were built on.

The wreckage inspired me to re-open my Forge engine. I created a number of abstract shapes based on the shadows of the abandoned factories, in dark corners or gloomy doorways, and fed them into the engine to see what compositions could be created on the fly. The Black Glass pieces were constructed using many outputs of shapes, layered on top of one another in an organic process where the composition build itself (in a way).

Here are some examples of what the engine spits out after I give it the shapes to handle:
The Black Glass: Forge outputs

I will be experimenting more on this to see how I can use the assets in different ways for different outcomes.


  1. lau

    waouh… the first one is… waouh

    want it on my wall

  2. lau

    What is the font you use to write “Black Gloss” please ?

  3. Hi …
    I read about such Flash generators. I think Joshua Davis uses them too. I know how Flash works and how the generating thing works but I am no programmer so I can’t code what i want. Are there such generater scripts available online?

    Nice work too :)

  4. Ah lol! Didn’t see that Jushua Davis posted a comment. So the search for his name and website were needless i guess :)

  5. Some really inspirational work you got there, James.

    Keep up the very good (and definitely ORIGINAL) work.

  6. I was doing a bit of poster research today, and I ran across a poster that immediately made me think of these works–I thought I’d pass it on.

    I love that your work draws on older styles and influences, but is still fresh and interesting!

  7. Damn fine. ‘Nuff said.

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